Yep, it is “officially” over. But our coach said tonight that if people still wanted to get together over the next few weeks, on an informal basis, he’d come see us run and  help us with workouts. His coaching program starts up the Tuesday after the Boston Marathon, so on April 21st. Our MVS coaching program starts in the second week of May, I believe. They are hopefully going to talk about it at the meeting tomorrow night (which I might skip because they usually only start after 7:30, and I get up early on Thursdays – 4:30!!)   So I guess I”ll have to wait and see which works best for my schedule. But I can say that these track workouts have definitely helped me build my speed and self-confidence, so I know the coach is doing something right.

Tonight was COLD.  I also had to run ALONE.  I think most sane people thought tonight was too cold to do track work.  Someone from MVS said at the beginning, “wow, you guys are diehards.”  I said “yeah, or idiots, take your pick!”  (There is a fine line between the two, isn’t there?) 🙂  

Does anyone else out there find that when they run on a 400-meter track, the curve between the 200-300 yard area is the hardest for them? I’m fine for the first 200, and then I slow down for that part, then with the last 100, I’m just trying to get across the line. Know what I mean?

Tonight’s workout is below – I found it hard to keep to the pacing tonight for some reason, and the cold definitely affected my asthma. When I got home I coughed a few times, and Bill asked me if I had been smoking for the last 20 years, that’s how bad I sounded. 😦

  • 4 x 400 at 1:52 pace (75 second rest)
  • 200 jog/walk after 4 x 400
  • 4 x 400 at 1:47-48 pace (90 second rest)
  • 200 jog/walk after 4 x 400
  • 4 x 400 at 1:42-1:44 pace (90 second rest)
  • 3 consecutive laps of jog/strides on the curves and straightaways (yeah, mine strides looked more like jogs at that point.)

For the most part, I was able to keep to the paces, but in the beginning I was doing 1:42 laps and my last one was 1:48. Tonight I was also dizzy at points during laps 9-11, which is unusual for me. I think it’s a combo of work stress and not having drunk enough/eaten enough during the day. I kept popping my sports beans and drinking gatorade to try to counteract it.

Oh, and I have NEWS.  On Saturday evening, I’m heading to D.C. for 5 days for a conference. Computers in Libraries 2009.  I know, it sounds like Nerdfest 2009, doesn’t it?  Bill always teases me that it must be hard for speakers to give talks when they’re getting shushed by everyone all the time.  Yes, the husband gets a slap for that remark, are you kidding?!   

Anyway, I’m excited. This marks my 1 year BLOG ANNIVERSARY as of April 1st.  I also picked my hotel because it would allow me to do runs past the Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, WWII Memorial, and many more. How can you not be inspired running by all of that?  Do I need to say more? 

If you’ve not read my blog that long, I will try to take more pics again while out on my runs there, although they’ll be morning runs this year, rather than evening. So maybe I can just take normal tourist pictures this year, rather than moving ones?!  Or, I can just link to last year’s posts, so you can see the pics!  I LOVE D.C.! Especially this time of year, it’s much warmer than Boston, and the Cherry Blossoms are blooming!!! 🙂

So, I received a very nice compliment from one of my fellow Striders tonight, a gentleman named Bob. He met my friend and coworker, Will, at last week’s hosted run, and he told Will how I’ve always been positive and full of energy at track practices.  It was nice to know I could have that effect on someone, to me, it means that my learned optimisim that I’ve been working on over the past few years is starting to come more naturally, and for that I am glad. (Note to Mom reading this: pick your jaw up off of the floor! Yes, I am still the daughter that made your life a living hell as a teenager. LOL!)  Mom, LOL means Laugh out Loud.  (Sorry readers, she’s not into texting, but she does love her cell phone…) 

Anyway, I found this photo below and it seemed really calming and peaceful. I think we could all use a little bit of that, don’t you? Enjoy. 

Beautiful View of Sequoia National Park, by ipagey (

Beautiful View of Sequoia National Park, by ipagey (