Balancing Scales by Hades, on

Balancing Scales by Hades, on

I realized I have not been blogging as much lately but it’s a matter of balancing.  I’m 95% sure I am not going to be doing the half marathon in May after all, and it’s a matter of whether I want to make the time to train for it now. Funny how I did long runs all winter long, thinking it’d give me a good base for the half marathon, and what they effectively did was to burn me out on distance running.  (But I made my hotel reservation last week just in case I change my mind.)  So, I hope Alissa doesn’t mind me borrowing the theme from her blog for a day.

We went to my friend Corey’s fundraiser on Saturday night – in case you’re not familiar with him, please read this post. He is raising money for the Miles for Miracles team at Children’s Hospital, Boston.  He said that after expenses, each of the three guys cleared $1800!  Bill and I got a few good items in the silent raffle, both Red Sox related!  Great parts about the night  – (1) I met Abi Simpson’s mom, Noellia, and she is a wonderful person; and (2) Bill got to hang out with his college friends who he doesn’t get to see too often anymore.)

I have decided I am really not  a trail runner. I went back up to the Harold Parker State Forest this past weekend with intention of running 5-6 miles on trails. Got to about 2 miles, as all I could see in front of me was snow and ice. Then I decided to run on the roads.  I only ran about .3 miles, and at this point,I was so aggravated, I just turned around, ran back to my car, got in and drove home.  However, after Sunday’s amazing run of 4.5 miles on a new loop I’ve discovered (which has its share of uphills and downhills), I realize I’m just burnt out on long distances, not running completely. My average pace was 9:26, which I think is good considering the inclines on that route. Only the first mile is somewhat flat and that’s why I did it in 9:08.

I really think this is going to be my Season of Short Distances!!

I have had a mental block on my fiction writing lately. So, I picked up a few books about developing plots, put out by Writer’s Digest.  I read the entire thing in about 1 1/2 days, and now the flow is coming along much better. I realized there is a lot Ididn’t know about writing a novel, and I need to do my preparation/background work first rather than just writing a bunch of scenes and just “hoping” their cohesion will magically come together somehow.  That isn’t being creative, it’s being lazy.  (Luckily, what I’m finding is that as I brainstorm, more ideas come to me, and I’m realizing what I think are weak areas in logic at the same time.)  I’m even considering joining in an online workshop after we go on vacation, if I can find one that is not too expensive.

By the way, it has, in the words of a favorite blogger, Erin, turned freaking arctic here today! I was debating running this morning, woke up, realized the wind chill was supposed to be something like 2 degrees at 7 a.m. (when the sun is up!) and said, no thank you, today, reading about plot will take precedence.  Tomorrow evening is our last track practice (sniff, sniff) until possibly spring track, so I hope it gets a bit warmer tomorrow night.  There’s hope for that, because yesterday, it was in the 50s here! I was able to finish my run with just one layer of clothes = wahoo! 🙂 twilightbookcover1

Two of my new favorite songs to run to are Poker Face byLady GaGa (yes, I know, I’m embarrassed) and Love, Sex, and Magic by Ciara (and I just might have to download this remix version if I can find it.)

Lastly, for all those of you out there who loved the Twilight books, have you seen the movie yet? It’s first on our list with Netflix, I can’t wait!!!!!!

Oh, and I’d like to say sorry to my blogging friends for not commenting as much lately – things have gotten crazy!