I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a recent comment that was left on my blog about last week’s Inspirational Thought post, just in case you don’t get the updates automatically.  It is from Noelia, Abi Simpson’s mom.  She sounds like a pretty amazing woman, herself.

“Hi Corey and Terri, You really got me. I’m still drying my tears, but I want to express to corey  What an inspiration you are to us. You Have the spirit of a champion and the heart of gold. You know Abi is a current Children’s Hospital patient and she will be for the rest of her life. We wanted to get involved on the fund raising because we have seen what children’s hospital can really do for children 1st hand. As her mom I have seen Children’s hospital save Abi’s life a couple of times. A couple of years ago she was on life support for 3 weeks and hospitalized for 3 months because of a bad cold. The doctors, nurses and technology truely saved her life. Their knowledge and will not to give up on a wonderful little girl that loves to go to school, enjoy her sister, loves listening to music, playing with friends and family every chance she gets.  We are so lucky to have this kind of medical care around us. You are an amazing person to actually have corrage to do something real and not just stand by and watch.I love your unselfishness and will to make a diffirence.

I also have to add that seeing you at the turn and knowing that YOU JUST RAN 26.4 miles with my daughter in mind was one of the proudest moments in my life. We have that Boston Merathon Medal hung high in her room.  You make a true diffirence on real life. We can’t wait for this years.”

A lot of you have left me comments over the past few days, suggesting that I run distances that I love, not what other people think I should do.

Can you imagine if you ran not only because you loved it, but because it was a means of supporting your family?  I guess that explains why Kenyans so dominate the international running world. I love how the first video shows them running in figure 8s types of formations.

Train Hard, Win Easy, Like a Kenyan

Enjoy the Kibera Fun Run video below, which was held to celebrate a year of peace in Kibera, Kenya.

Hope you’ve all had a good week so far.