So, I’m not really in run long distances anymore – yes, right now I am considering anything over 8 or so to be long. I am hoping tomorrow morning changes that – Lis recommended a state park that is not too far from me. I’m going to go there tomorrow morning – that’s the plan anyway, and find some of their logging roads. Just me, nature, my iPod, and oh yeah, the pink Camelbak.

carries 50 oz of liquid
carries 50 oz of liquid

That should blend in just fine, don’t you think?  If I see something pretty, I’ll take pictures and post them. 

God, I hope the love of running longer comes back, I want to do well at the Half Marathon in May and honor my grandmother’s memory, but right now, I’m just not feeling motivated. Not motivated for much at all, honestly.

Good thing is, the weather is supposed to be nice – it hit the 50s today, and it was sunny. Could it really be spring soon? 
Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments you left for Corey earlier this week. His fundraiser is next week, and Bill and I are planning on going and supporting him. He even said Abi and her family are going to be there – I hope I get to meet them!