I know I’ve been silent this week, both on this blog and on keeping up with everyone else. I’ve been feeling a bit “off” since I went out and shoveled in the snow storm here on Monday.   I’ve felt really hot and really cold at alternate times, and generally tired. Tuesday, I actually skipped track practice, came home, and went to bed at 8:30. (Bill kept yelling at me “go to bed!”).  I woke up at 3:30ish in the morning and was awake for an hour, then fell back asleep until 6 a.m.

So, I’ve only ridden the exercise bike twice this week, and not run since Sunday.  I was going to try to run this morning but it was 10 degrees, and not feeling completely 100%, I didn’t think it’d be such a smart idea.  Today, I started to get that annoying “tickle” in the throat – you know what that means. So I’m going to see how I feel tomorrow morning. If it’s a decision between running tomorrow morning and running the 5 Mile race on Sunday, there’s no decision – I’m doing the race with Lis!

Speaking of, we have race photos taken by the actual race photographer below. Some are of The Ladies with whom I run on weekends occasionally (they’re all part of the Merrimack Valley Striders with me), and of course, Lis.  If you’re wondering what she’s doing in that photo, she’s trying to catch a snowflake on her tongue.  🙂  Only in the northeast could we try to do that right?!  Hey, you gotta have fun when you’re running in the cold.  All the photos can be found here (taken by Jim Rhoades – I think he did a great job of catching so many people.)  Kara and Will, if you’re reading this, and found yourself in the pictures, please drop me a comment and let me know what page you’re on, I couldn’t find you!

The funny thing is – this week’s forecast for Sunday calls for 57 degrees. As I said to my friend Will at the MVS meeting last night, “I don’t know how to dress to run in that kind of weather anymore!”

I’m not sure how many of you out there submitted articles to the Runner’s Lounge book project, but I’m excited to say that I’m going to be part of the editorial team working on it.  The person in charge, Kristina, seems really well organized. I’m really looking forward to it.

So, I’ve got an idea for my inspirational thought this week but I’m waiting for some input from a friend before I can post it. So, I ask for your patience and I am hoping to get it up in a day or so.

By the way, if any of you out there are, like Reese,  running Boston in April, I may be stuffing your packet!  Merrimack Valley Striders is one of the groups that gets the honor of stuffing over 27,000 packets.  We get a really nice volunteer jacket out of the deal, so I’m doing it. I’m going to give it to my brother, for whom the price of a race jacket is just way too hefty (they cost over $100). 

Oh and they sent us our “official” results, including our place in our gender. I’m happy. I’m also the same race number for the third week in a row!

Time: 36:40:00 Overall Place: 338 Place in your Division: 27

Total runners in your Division: 113 Place in your Gender: 87

Total runners in your Gender: 324