Another take on the word “track”

Photo by Janusz L,

Photo by Janusz L,

I hope that title doesn’t offend anyone.  It’s just what my husband calls my Tuesday night track practices, is all, and he means it in a good way. I think he’s happy I’ve found other folks out there who love running as much as I do, enough to torture ourselves on a weekly basis.

A large number of folks had run a 10 mile race this past weekend, so they were given modified workouts.  I ended up only being able to run with Francine and another lady named Diane. Diane usually runs in a group much faster than us but she’s missed a few practices so she decided to stick with us.  Diane is one of the folks who prefers to stick to the paces on the card, so that was good for Francine and I, as we usually do also, as much as we can anyway.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe we only have two weeks left after last night.  I definitely feel like I’ve gotten much faster. Sometimes, the 41-42 second pace almost feels a bit easy to me, which is a great thing. 

  • 39 second = 7:09 mile pace
  • 4o seconds = 7:20 mile pace
  • 41 seconds = 7:31 mile pace
  • 42 seconds = 7:42 mile pace.

Here are the stats of last night’s workout – most included one lap walk/jog recovery in between:

  • 6 laps 42 second pace
  • 5 laps 42 second pace
  • 4 laps 41-42 second pace
  • 3 laps 41-42 second pace
  • 2 laps 41 second pace
  • 5 laps 41 second pace
  • 4 laps 41 second pace
  • 3 laps 39-40 second pace
  • 2 laps 39-40 second pace
  • 2 lap walk
  • 5 laps of .5 pick up and .5 walk  – for this we tried to run as fast as possible – one of my 1/2 laps took only 14 seconds!

I hope we get to do another time trial by the time we are done – Francine mentioned that between the first week and a few weeks ago, she’d brought down her mile at max speed from 7:56 to 7:19.  I think when we first started, I might have been able to do a mile in 8 or 8:15, and only if you’d been chasing me with a loaded gun.

Also, Diane gave me quite the compliment last night – she said she thought I was built like a sprinter. No one has ever called me that before that I can remember. 🙂  She was also quizzing me about my long runs since I told her I’m doing a HM in May, and she was like “oh, you’ll be fine to do that with your base….”  Now I’ve just got to be able to hold onto the pace!

I am also happy to say that when I was pacing us, I was pretty dead on! Yay!

My inspirational post is coming – just not tonight probably as I’m working a longer day today than usual. (Or, as Bill was kidding me earlier, I am actually working a 10 hour day, the type of day MOST people work.)

Hey, that’s why it’s academia, and we DON’T get paid the big bucks…Plus, I need to get my Runner’s Lounge article submission done! Reminder everyone, they’re due this week!

HappyRunning everyone!