“Run fast and run furious.” 

I have to send out a huge thank you and hug to Willie in OK (his blog is See Willie Run) for giving me my mantra for today’s race.  I kept repeating it in my head anytime I thought “wow, it would be so nice to walk right now, you’d be disappointing no one but yourself” and then also on the huge KILLER hill during the first mile of the race. I am not exaggerating – this was pretty much the elevation gain of the race. Did it have to be all at one time? 

Both Lis and I had the same thought as we ran up it, “is it ever going to end?” The hill was one of those hills where you can literally see everyone around you slowing down the higher we got.  She ended up running 29:35 or so – I am happy for her especially because she’s been working 65+ hour weeks, so running on top of that is pretty difficult.

After the first mile, seeing the official clock say 8:40, I thought to myself I should only go faster for the rest of the race, or at least keep at that pace. I knew the only major incline was behind me, so I felt good about my pace. Considering my 5K from a few weeks ago was on a totally flat course, and I was on target to at least run that pace, even with a hill, I think I was doing well at this point!  My little brother, Jamie had advised me, after the first mile, even if you think you are going too fast, just keep going, don’t freak out.

I am pretty happy with my results:

  • Division (F30-39): 21/107!!!!
  • Place overall: 261/677
  • Time:  Official was 25:14, but I think my real time was more like 25:05 or so. Lis’ watch was about 9 seconds faster than the official time.  I forgot to stop my watch immediately until after I’d gotten my medal, I stopped it at 25:16.
  • According to my watch, average mile was 8:25, but that was with the time of 25:16.
  1. My first mile was the slowest, at 8:34 but that had the killer hill, so I am fine with that! My plan was to run about 8:30s the whole way, but guess what? I GOT FASTER as the race went on – yippee!!!
  2. Second mile: 8:25
  3. Third mile: I think about 8:05!!!!!!!  (When I stopped the watch it said 8:12 but I know that was stopped too late.)  

Pros of this race:

  • Mainly flat with the exception of the ginormous hill.
  •  Disposable chip timing.
  • We got our names on our bibs, just like the elites do!
  • Pretty cool medals.
  • Short race, I love this distance!
  • A pub where Bill could stay warm inside during the race.
  • A PR for me!! 

Cons of the race:

  • The pub did not have nearly enough support.
  • Besides the ladies’ room in the pub, 3 porta potties for over 600 people.  Do I need to say more?  Lis and many others found a construction site a few blocks away and used the porta potties there.
  • NO TIMING MAT AT THE BEGINNING.  Seriously, thanks for the chip, but in a race this huge, no one’s time is accurate except for those literally starting on the line.
  • Absolutely not enough bartenders (they had all of 3, split between two bars), people dispersing food and beer at the end.  Some people were taking 2 and 3 beers at a time while the rest of us stood there in line behind them. We finally gave up and went inside and paid for beer.   (I’m not a drinker, but even getting water was going to be next to impossible.)

We were very lucky to get the race in before the miserable rain started.  The temperature has gone down at least 10 degrees so far today, and it’s miserable and raw outside right now.  Absolutely pouring rain.

Ever since Chris Brown’s debacle with Rihanna, it’s hard to listen to that song. So now my favorite one to run to is Closer, by Ne-Yo (embedding is disabled on YouTube.)  I like the line “I just can’t stop” while running – appropriate, don’t you think?

Here are some pics of Lis and I before the race – note the twin Garmins! 🙂 It was just starting to rain – that’s why I’ve got the hood up, although I ended up ripping it off after about 30 seconds, and I was definitely too hot while running with 3 layers on – ugh!  As you can see the start line was a bit crowded, it was a little difficult to get your right pace going for the first .3 or .4 miles.


By the way, I ran a 5 miler yesterday and I felt like my legs were still strong today, very happy to say. Yesterday’s run taught me that I feel comfortable running paces in the 9’s, even against the wind (that’s where the slowest mile came from).  Average pace was 9:38 for 5.17 miles distance.

Next week, the 4 miler is at Claddagh Pub!  Next week, I need to try to not lose a glove (I untucked my base layer and sent one flying, only to look behind me and see it getting trampled.)

Hope you all had a great weekend!