I don’t know about you, but I think this dog has the right idea about what to  do on a treadmill. 🙂

Dog Sleeping on Treadmill by Normanack, on Flickr.com

Dog Sleeping on Treadmill by Normanack, on Flickr.com

Because the schools in this area are now on mid-winter break (soooo jealous of high schoolers right now) so we all have to do our track workout on our lonesome.   For me that meant this morning before 6 a.m., which is kind of a good thing because your brain is not completely awake for the entire exercise. Thing is, your body is. And sometimes yelling out, “are you blankety-blank-blank KIDDING me?”

Ok, done with the dramatics. The only potentially dramatic point was when I got unceremoniously kicked off of the first treadmill, by the treadmill.  I was walking along at first and it was fine. Then I kicked it up into high gear (literally, 8.1 mph, which is 7:24 pace on that thing) and it said “NO USER DETECTED” and decided it would just take a break, as in caput.

I was like (internally only, of course) “I’M A USER, I’M A USER!!” And then “WTF???” (this part might have been out loud.) Hey, it was before 6 a.m., and mot of us at that point have headphones on anyway.

So I jumped on the treadmill to its left and did my workout from there.

I decided to do a combo blend of what our coach suggested for Group G and Group F (Group F being the faster of the two.)  I put the treadmill on 8.1 for most of the “fast minutes” and down to 7.0 for most of the slower minutes in between.  It was a bit faster than what he suggested for Group G, but a bit slower than what he suggested for Group F.

Lindsay, I did figure out what he meant by using the PACE of Mile/5K estimated effort.  My mile pace was 7:24 (8.1) and my 5K pace was 7.0 or 8:34 on the treadmill. That made sense once I got going.

I have to admit, during repeat 4 of the “fast minute, steady minute, fast minute, steady minute, fast minute” intervals, I did have to hang onto the side of the treadmill for about 15-20 seconds during two of the “steady minutes” and I did bring the “steady pace” down to a mixed blend of 6.8 and 6.9,    But at the last repeat, I was able to get it back up to 7.0 and 8.1 speeds again.  I also made my last “fast minute” last for 90 seconds. See, I can even manipulate time!


On a totally unrelated matter, Bill and I figured out where we are likely going on vacation.  OOOHHH, I CAN’T WAIT…  swim-up pool to your room… it looks and sounds like heaven. Please God, let it not be too good to be true, and that my boss is still cool with giving me the time off when we can go… (and in case you’re wondering, it was the fact that Bill could take three steps out of his room and step in one of 12 pools that made his choice.) 

Did I forget to mention we might be going three weeks before my half-marathon?  Sigh.  But it’s vacation, I refuse to feel guilty, especially with the crap winter we’ve had.  Even if it will cost more than what we originally planned. We don’t have kids yet and we’re not big spenders, and it’ll be our first REAL destination vacation in just about 5 years.  Since our honeymoon. I think it’s alright to want to go, don’t you?