I’m going to depart today from my normal Tuesday Indoor Track recap and Wednesday’s Inspirational Thought post, sorry.  I got home last night and found out that a good friend of mine, Helen, had just died yesterday afternoon. I don’t know all of the details yet, but I do know that the world has lost a great person, someone with a huge heart.

I met Helen in person, just last summer for the first time, but we’ve been corresponding by letters for the past 4 years.  When Bill and I were getting married, she took it upon herself to make me an absolutely beautiful, handmade white lace purse that I could use on our wedding day. The purse was absolutely beautiful, and you’d never know that she had had a stroke and had been able to do something like that.

Helen used to write me quite often, and I admit, I was never able to keep up with her frequency, although I certainly tried!  She was quite generous – giving me gifts all the time. She was the type of person that remembers all of the holidays and even your special days, such as birthday and anniversary. (Hopefully you all know someone like that.) She even used to worry about my running, whether I was trying to do too much, whether I was being safe when running in the dark.  She even used to call me “Dear Heart” in her letters.

You know, everything a grandparent would do. 🙂

Helen loved all things beautiful, flowers, birds, a beautiful sunny day. She has many grandchildren, and even now a few great-grandchildren.  She knew I had lost my grandma almost 7 years ago, and she treated me like one of her own.  She used to give me advice in her letters, like I think my grandmother would have continued to do were she alive today.  She met Bill on Thanksgiving, and I found she was very taken with him. Can’t say as I blame her…

Helen lost her husband, Arthur, some years ago. I like to think that now they are together again, and I hope that she and my grandmother are able to meet up in Heaven. It’s hard to imagine a better pairing, or grouping, unless it also involved Bill’s grandparents, too. I feel safe knowing that they are all up there.

So, Helen, God Speed to you, and thanks for loving me these past 4 years.  The songs below are for you.

Mazzy Star, Into Dust

Lifehouse, Broken