I have to admit, last night, I was wondering what I might write about today. I spent some time on YouTube looking for videos, etc., and nothing was really hitting me.

Then right before I fell asleep it hit me. One of the reasons I mentioned in one of my very first posts about Why I Run, was that I run for others who can’t.  Someone who used to be a personal trainer at my gym is one of them – his name is Tim, and you can read about his progress on this website, For Timmy.

If you’ve been reading me all along, you’ve heard about him before. But if not, then please read on.

Tim is  (notice I’m using the present tense) a personal trainer.  He spent 45 minutes with me abotu 6 months before his accident, and afterward I could feel the pain in my abs for about 6 days.  And that was just an “introduction” into what he could show me on the machines. Imagine if I’d spent a whole full hour with him as a paying client! (And I even thought I was fit at the time – well, ha! He sure showed me!)

Anyway, Tim was in a car accident – he wasn’t wearing his seat belt at the time (I’m sure he knows now that was not the best move), and he was thrown through the sunroof/moonroof of his Jeep.  His friends who were with him at the time, I believe, only had minor injuries. He was not so lucky.

After his accident, his family was not sure if he was going to live. He was in this weird bed that kept rocking him back and forth at first – from the way they describe it on the site, it’s kind of freaky.  He was in the hospital for quite a while, underwent a major surgery on his spine that took several hours.  From the way he describes it, his injury is what they call a “total” spine injury, and he’s not supposed to be able to recover any strength in the area where his injury is. 

If you read about Tim’s progress on his website, you can see that he’s proving “them” wrong.  He spends hours every day in this contraption where he’s standing up – I believe its function is to help improve muscle memory (that’s my simplified description of it anyway.) 

I mention Tim tonight because he’s truly an example of mind over matter. Right now, he’s mentally willing his muscles to move. They’re spasming, and I think that’s a good sign. With Tim’s background, he knows it’s a good sign.

If you read through the many posts on Tim’s site, you’ll see a few themes. His family truly loves him, and he really loves them back. You’ll also see that he really, really, REALLY has a positive attitude about his recovery and the fact that he’s going to walk again.

With all that we’ve seen and done in life, how can we not agree with him? So the next time you’re out there running, and you think you can’t make one more step, think of the fact that Tim is literally willing himself back to being able to walk again.  By the time you’re done with that thought, you’ve probably taken a dozen steps in the meantime.  And, hopefully feel much better.

Thanks Tim, for being an inspiration.