We are experiencing another “arctic blast” here in the Northeast – this winter has just been brutal – so much cold and snow at the same time! usually we’ll get one or the other, or maybe I’m just using selective memory, who knows?  Anyway, I’m feeling a bit scattered this evening, as I’m sure  you can tell by this post…

We ran 11 miles yesterday, and the temperature actually FELL while we were running. When we started, it was about 33, but it was also supposed to be really windy so I had on three layers up top, plus 2 layers on my legs. After the first 5 miles, we stopped, and lost two runners, and then one of us were goaded into doing 5 more by the others (I felt so bad for Elisa!), and then did another 5.  Oh, and I took off my second layer of pants (it felt awesome to only have to run in tights!!) Kara did another extra mile to make 11, with me.

We didn’t go super fast – I did some 10 minutes miles, and mainly 11 minute miles. Some were in the 12 range, but  Elisa, who originally planned on doing only 5, was having some problems with her hip.  The course was actually very pretty – the same as the Bradford Valentine’s Day 5 miler.  It is a lot of “rolling hills” with a major hill in the first mile – it’s basically just about up, for over the first mile and then  you get to relax somewhat.   

I didn’t really care that we weren’t going super fast – I can always run on my own, and worry about that sort of thing. The ladies I was running with were super nice, and we had some good conversations, and to me somedays that is more important. I don’t have a ton of women friends around here, and we don’t even get to see each other as often as we want to, so it’s cool to be able to chat and do something I love at the same time. 

The cool thing about yesterday was that I also started to feel, for the first time again, like I really can continue to keep going and going and going for long distances.  I was beginning to wonder about that, honestly.

However, I have good news on that front – last Thursday morning I ran 5 miles outside, in the cold, and it was somewhere around 49 minutes. I don’t know the exact time because my Garmin decided to not work for the first 1.5 or so, and I only got times for the 3.49 miles at the end. Those laps were:

lap 1 = 10:24 mph; lap 2 = 10:06 mph; lap 3 = 9:51 mph; lap 4 = 8:54 mph (only for .49 miles though…)

I’m still happy about that last half mile pace though!  🙂

By the way, I’ve been checking the elevation profiles for some upcoming races – I think I’ve got to get a lot of work done on hills!

Bradford Valentine’s Day 5 Miler

Total climb: 244 feet / 74 m
Total elevation change: 486 feet / 148 m

OR Bradford Valentine’s Day 6K:

Total climb: 155 feet / 47 m
Total elevation change: 304 feet / 93 m
Lehigh Valley Half Marathon (May 3rd):

Total climb: 434 feet / 132 m
Total elevation change: 937 feet / 286 m

Vermont 100 – if my brother ends up running this race, I can pace him for up to 30 miles. It’s described like this on the website: ” It is a “shamrock” loop, consisting of 70% dirt or jeep roads with the rest on woods trails (there are a couple miles of pavement).  The course both climbs and descends 14000 – 15000 feet.”


By the way, talking about WOW – I talked to Lisa earlier today, and saw Penny’s results online – I’m so proud of and happy for both of them and how they did at the Carlsbad Half Marathon!!!!! 

Ok, gotta get to bed – I’ve got a 3 Miler/5K on the schedule for tomorrow morning – it’s supposed to be 5 DEGREES, but feel like 11!  I sure hope this comes in handy – I’ve reached a whole new level of DORKDOM, I know!

Balaclava by Outdoor Designs (see the nice mesh area you get to breathe through?)

Balaclava by Outdoor Designs (see the nice mesh area you get to breathe through?)