This week at the Runner’s Lounge, the Take It and Run Thursday topic was about the half-marathon. Yes, I do realize it’s Friday. I haven’t lost my calendar but I was  not home last evening until around 10, and then it was straight to bed! I’ve only done two so I don’t know how much advice I can give, but I can say what I like about this distance.

So here goes nothing (and yes, for those of you who like my lists and feel like it’s been forever since I did one, you’ve got your wish!)  Really? There are some of you out there?!  LOL.

  1. Same need to eat Country Pad Thai food the night before, as I would with training for a full. (I know, I’m weird, but it’s my power food before a long run.)
  2. Same need to get up early before even the crack of dawn to get my running in before my husband even gets out of bed. 🙂
  3. Less boring for my husband and family to watch, and less time-consuming for him/them too. (For me a full takes over 4:30, so you can only imagine.)
  4. Less likely to be a not-so-nice person due to being so tired all the time on a Saturday, while training for a half.
  5. Less likely to feel the need to do a face plant into my dinner by  7 or 8 p.m. on a Saturday night (with training for a full, I was beat by that time of day.)
  6. Less likely to have the need to buy 5-6 bags of ice, and then promptly submerge myself in them, because you know, those first 5 minutes are just heavenly… (ahem, NOT.)  (Although the next 25 minutes might as well be an hour for all I know, my legs are completely frozen!)
  7. Still get to taste the yummy Powerbar Gels.  And Endurolytes. And Sports Beans.
  8. Still need to consume tons of Gatorade (yay!) (You’re wondering if I’m being sarcastic, aren’t you?)
  9. Still need to wear the pink Camelbak – just don’t have to fill it all the way. Only need to carry what feels like 2-3 extra pounds of weight on my back rather than the entire 50 oz.  (Yep, I still get to look like a dork.)
  10. Still get lots of people cheering for you at races. 
  11. Due to my being a middle-of-the-packer, with this distance, we are less spread out, and it’s less lonely, especially at a smaller race.
  12. Get to do more of them during the year due to needing less recovery time.  Consequently, able to see more improvement, quicker.
  13. Only one shirt needed for the race, and for training runs. (Must explain – I “sweat like a farm animal”, as my husband so lovingly says, and on some of my training runs for a full, I brought a second shirt to change into halfway, on the advice of my coach, after seeing how disturbed I was on some hot days with the amount of sweat. So gross.)
  14. Still feel like I’ve accomplished something great.
  15. Still feel like I’m in great shape. You can’t be in bad shape and still get out there and run for 2+ hours.

Finally, because you can run them more often, I can cheer for my fellow bloggers more often too, as a lot of them seem to really like the distance also.   On that note, I’d like to wish my friends Penny, and Lisa, AWESOME LUCK THIS WEEKEND at the Carlsbad Half Marathon! (Hopefully, I can cyber stalk you guys and see how you’re doing online!! And I don’t even have to get up early since I’m three hours ahead of you!)  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone else who is running it – I’ll be catching up on everyone’s blogs this weekend!

In your honor, I’m running 11 miles tomorrow and will be thinking of you guys running this weekend – you’ll keep me going!