Welcome to my second WIT. I’m still figuring out how I want to write these, but here goes nothing for number 2.

I had sent out an email to the Get Up and Move email list we’ve started at work, asking people if they would share their goals and resolutions for this year, if they had any. Some folks said that they wanted to make a goal of taking the stairs more often (our library is huge – it has 5 floors.) That caused another coworker to remember a very prominent law professor who she always saw took the stairs, even when he was 92.  She was always impressed by that and felt inspired.

This made me start thinking about my grandmother, who died  7 years ago this April, and just shy of her 94th birthday. Well into her eighties, she would shovel her very steep, uphill, driveway, as well as mow her lawn (also on a hill.)

I was home with my mom a few weeks ago around the Christmas holiday. After I left, my mom came across a letter that a friend of  my sister and I, (Kristie), had written shortly after my grandma died.  It kind of brings tears to my eyes to read through it now, but they are good tears because she said so many nice things about her, and my mom.  Kristie said how they were both so welcome and caring to her, and that they were both independent and strong, and that my grandma’s spark lives on in all of those lives she touched. Finally, she also mentions that my grandma is looking down on all of us still, making sure we’re all ok.

The Lehigh Valley Half Marathon that I’ve signed up for in May, is located about 15-20 miles from where my grandma is buried, in a place called, coincidentally, Hope Cemetery.  I’ve turned this marathon into my annual trip to visit my grandma this year.  In the past, some times when we’ve taken this trip down to PA, it was literally pouring rain for the entire 6-7 hours it took us to drive there.  However, for the half hour or so that I was at the cemetery, guess what?  No rain. Maybe even a little sun.  Then when I left to go back to the motel and see Bill, it’d start to rain again.

Bill didn’t think this was a coincidence. Neither do I.

I’ve also always felt on these trips, that there was a symbolic “white light” around our car that kept us safe from harm. I feel like she knows that I’m on my way to “see”  her and won’t let anything happen to us.  

I feel pretty strongly about that, just like I felt like my grandfather (who’s been dead since my mom was 17) had also been in the hospital room with my grandma during the last 24 hours of her life. It’s hard to explain, but my grandma definitely acted like there was someone else in the room other than me, at times, and I felt like he was there waiting for her.  I don’t think that love dies just when someone’s physically gone.

I have a lot of faith that the same will hold true this year when I’m down there in May. She’s going to be my inspiration to train for that race this spring, and to not let myself down when otherwise I might feel compelled to do so.  I know that because she was my grandma, she wouldn’t be disappointed with whatever effort I put forth in the race, as long as I don’t let myself down.  And, she’ll be the person I visualize seeing at the finish line, along with my mom and Bill, who will be there in body and spirit.

Just knowing I’ve got her longevity genes, strength, and will power (that helped her quit smoking cold turkey after 58 years), makes me smile.

So there is my inspirational thought for this Wednesday.  Do any of you have any individuals in their life, past or present, that you feel has inspired you, or you feel the same way about? (I know some of you have told me about someone like that.)

Heavenly Clouds, by SlopJop, on flickr.com

Heavenly Clouds, by SlopJop, on flickr.com