Right Track, by Janusz L,from Flickr.com

Right Track, by Janusz L,from Flickr.com

I kind of like this different take on a “track” above, don’t you?

As I was making my bacon,egg, and cheese sandwich on an english muffin tonight after my workout (don’t judge, I’m more like a rabid animal than a human after these things, so guard your small children and pets, don’t let them cross my path), it occurred to me – Tuesday Indoor Track abbreviated spells TIT.  So I mentioned this to my husband, who promptly yelled out “you said TIT!” and then started giggling like a teenager.   He’s been alone all evening, I had to give him something to giggle about.  😉

Oh, and I’m not done eating. I’ve also had my  whey protein mix mixed in with milk (skim), and now I might make up some peanut butter crackers with chocolate chips on them. (Tuesdays, I don’t get a real dinner, it’s more like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a Campbell’s soup at hand – the kind you drink.) Yep, I have weird tastes in food, and am not ashamed to admit, I am a total chocolaholic.  There you have it, and an oreo addict. Lindsay, I don’t know how you handle being allergic to them – girl, that just ain’t right!!

We lost a person to a faster group tonight, but we gained another female in her place. The newcomer is Betty, with whom I ran with about a month ago before moving upward to G. She’s really cool but we all almost fell over when she told us her age.  

Betty said she started running when she was 47, and that she used to place in her age group. Then she mentioned that she runs in the over 60 age group now. Part of me thought “holy crap, I need to get faster and move up to another group” and then part of me thought “this woman is AMAZING.”  Seriously, she totally didn’t look her age at all, and I hope I look like that when I get to be her age. Hopefully with all this running, I can accomplish that.

Tonight’s workout equalled just under 4 miles – about 3.9. He had us running 39-40 second laps, which comes out to about 7:09 or 7:20 minute miles. At one point we did 1 lap repeats of 38 seconds, or at least that is what they were supposed to be. We had Allison lead those laps, and because she doesn’t wear a watch, she tends to go faster, but if we are only doing 1 lap, that’s alright with me. For Betty, that was hard because she had just moved up a group, but I think she’s going to stick with us. I hope so because she’s cool.

At the end of our workout we were supposed to do 6 minutes at 43 second/lap pace. That comes out to be 7:53 minute pace.  I actually thought to myself during that portion of tonight (remember it was the end, which completely suprises me) that “this was an ok pace, and I could settle in and just keep going.”  WTH is happening to me??!!

Now, whether I could keep going for a 5K, I’m not so sure. Let’s not get carried away, but we’ll see. There is a race that I just learned about last night that’s on Feb. 1st (Super Bowl Sunday race), that I might do, but I think I want to wait and see what the weather forecast is for that day before I sign up and pay fees. The weather around here just seems to change too much to predict this far out. I’ll let you all know if I do it though!

Oh, and I think you might all be proud of me – tonight I even volunteered to lead a few intervals and I did alright – even a few laps were a bit too fast?! Being religious with my inhaler has definitely helped a ton.  🙂