what we've had on the weather forecast for much of today!

what we've had on the weather forecast for much of today!

There you have it. One of my reasons for not running today. It was supposed to start last night around 5 a.m., and it started around 2 a.m. instead. By the time Bill and I went out to shovel at noonish (because yes, our snowblower is pretty much not working again – we want to throw it into a ditch right now), we had at least 6 inches. Never completely trust the weather report – it was only supposed to be 2-4. Then it finally stopped but at this point, Bill and I had lost all motivation to do anything. Oh, and it’s snowing AGAIN now.  Ugh.

So I’ve had it.  We started looking online for vacation spots or cruises. A cruise may end up being cheaper, but we also like being able to go places and hang out at the beach.  So, if any of you out there have taken a cruise that you particularly liked, or recommend one cruise line over another, I’d love to hear your comments. And if you’ve been somewhere nice that’s warm, say, in March or April (we’ll l ikely go in April to try to avoid school vacations), I would love to hear those too.  I started saving for this for us about 9 months ago – I find it’s easier to save if it’s taken out of your paycheck before it ever gets to you.  

We’ve been to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (we stayed at the Riu Playacar), and to Aruba, where we went on our honeymoon 5 years ago, August. (By the way, we’d totally recommend the Riu Playacar, and the Wyndham in Aruba.)  Other than that, we usually only get to go to Cape Cod, since Bill’s parents have a ranch house down there and they are nice enough to let us stay there for free when we go.

Friday night into Saturday, we were in Kennebunk, Maine (yes, where the Bushes go to vacation).  It is very “New England” and there were some huge, old homes (how people can afford to maintain them, I have no idea).  We were there for a wedding of a graduate student I’ve worked with a lot over the past few months and whom I now consider a friend. It’s such a huge compliment to think that you can obliterate the ridiculously outdated stereotype where librarians are concerned, and just become friends with students. Another student who I’ve met this past year was also there, and it was cool to hang out with her too. She’s about 15 years younger than me (god, I feel old sometimes) but we don’t have any problem gabbing nonstop! 🙂

So, I missed out on my longer run this weekend – I’m going to plan on doing 5-8 tomorrow (no more because I have track on Tuesday evening).  I used to freak out if I missed out on a run but with this type of weather, I can’t get freaked out. It would not have been safe to run on the roads, and running more than 5 miles on the treadmill is just too boring!!