Running Track by HKmPUA from

Running Track by HKmPUA from

I find it hard to believe I’ve been going to these track workouts now for 6 or 7 workouts, I’ve kind of lost track of how many there are! 

Last night’s workout was a smaller group, but that’s good because we’re running on such a small track that it can get hard to start running at the correct times without getting run over by other groups that are faster, or to jump around folks that are in the slower groups, without running way out of your way. I tend to run on the inside when that happens (sheepish grin.)

Anyway, I’ve been religiously using my steroid inhaler over the last week and it has totally helped.  One of the other girls in my group, Alison, I could tell was itching to run faster, but even I had to admit this weeks’ workout felt a bit easier. Not that I was complaining! Most of our laps were at 43-44 seconds  (which is an 8:02 minute mile at the higher end), 42 seconds (7:42 minute mile pace) or 40 seconds (7:20 minute pace.) However, he had us running some of those times on the outside lanes, which is definitely harder, and then we did more repeats even when we were on the inside lanes. 

Our last interval was to be 6-7 repeats of 3 laps, progressively getting faster, with lap 1=43-44; lap 2 = 42 seconds, and lap 3=39-40 seconds.)  Amy and I find it easier to do those on the even number, as it’s easier to divide by 2 when  you are halfway around the track, and figure out if you are on pace.  I’m glad we had Amy lead a lot of the time because she tends to stick with exactly what the card says, and doesn’t try to beat the paces outlined. (My friend Will says that there is always this tension between at track practice between those who tend to go with the paces outlined on the cards and those who want to go faster.)

I felt like I got a good workout in, and I was able to keep up with everyone the whole time, I am VERY happy to say. I just kept the emergency inhaler at the ready and used it whenever I needed it, since we only had 30-45 seconds rest between some of our intervals. I’m definitely feeling a difference when I’m running on my own.

Oh, and afterward we did these core workouts with Coach Annie. Some of us had brought our stability balls so she was good enough to show everyone exericses that they could do with the ball and also for those without the ball. She found I was doing crunches that were too easy, and when she taught me to do it the right way – well, let’s just say I could feel a difference!   She would pick a new “victim” for each exercise, saying “who wants the ball at this time?” and at one point, I yelled out “does anyone want mine?!” which made everyone laugh.

Oh well, as Lisa says, “pain is temporary.”  🙂  I am so grateful for inhalers!!