Mile 3 Marker photo, by Nick Humphries, from

Mile 3 Marker photo, by Nick Humphries, from

 I started running this morning thinking I’d do 4 miles. Midway I changed my mind and decided to do 3 miles instead. I think from now on, unless the weather is just completely atrocious, that’s going to be my routine – to run either 3 miles or a 5K. 

This is for a few reasons:

  1. It’s Monday, so enough said.
  2. It’ll get my heart pumping and going and still (hopefully) give me some time to get some work done on the stability ball afterward, while allowing me to get to work on time;
  3. This way I’ll have an idea of what my time for a 5K race should be.  I definitely want to do some races of that distance this year – I feel like I need to mix it up. Run some short races, and some longer ones.
  4. It’ll remind my legs what it is like to run fast, just in time because indoor track is on Tuesday. 
  5. It’ll be kind of like a tempo run, but I won’t call it that because that term, well, just scares me. Irrational, I know.

I am very happy to say that these were my splits:

  • Mile 1 = 9:35
  • Mile 2 = 9:30
  • Mile 3 = 9:26

Considering it was about 22 degrees outside, with a wind chill making it about 14 or less, and it was snowing, I’ll take it, happily.  This weekend it’s supposed to be down around zero, so I’m trying not to think about what the long run will be like – last Saturday it was about 14 when I started, and 32 when I finished (what a difference almost two hours will make.)  I  did like running in the snow, though – somehow it makes the world seem “softer.”

The only bad part about the run today was when I almost got run over by a pickup truck coming out of Dunkin Donuts.  Why is it that drivers don’t look right AND left when they pull out of a parking lot?  He looked left, but that was it. I let out a blood-curdling scream of “STTTTTTOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!” and then he looked over to see me.  I gave him a dirty look, then he yelled something about not seeing me and some other stuff (at this point, I just kept running.) I admit, I thought of giving him The One Fingered Salute (also affectionately known as The Bird) but then I was like “ok, it’s not even 6:30 a.m., and I just don’t feel like getting into that kind of crap yet this morning.”  So I just kept running.

Ah well, it was a good start to the day anyway.  Hope you all had a good one too. I’m grateful the pickup driver heard me and didn’t hit me.