So, as usual, our gym is now on the more crowded side, with everyone making new year’s resolutions to lose weight.  Luckily, early in the morning, when I go, it’s not so bad, but I remember last January, it was hard to find a free treadmill most nights around 6 p.m.

A bit of back story:  my husband likes to stand somewhere near me, but not next to me, when I’m fixing my hair in the mirror and make faces. It’s as if he thinks he’s invisible.  Then he looks all sheepish when I look at him and say “YOU KNOW I can SEE you, right?!”  He usually responds with this “oh, this is awkward….”  🙂

So this morning I decided to use the stairmaster that looks like an escalator that goes to nowhere. It’s a good workout for the lungs, the heart and the legs.  My gym has these facing a mirror and with some treadmills located directly behind them.  I saw a guy on one of the treadmills behind me, walking, not too quickly I might add. And I found out why – it would have been hard for him to balance when he was so busy checking out all the women in the gym.  He basically was walking with his head turned at a 90 degree angle., to check out these innocent ladies on the treadmills to his right. Then, when I ended up taking off my running shirt (because I swear, those stairmasters seem to be some of the most sweat-inducing machines in the place), you could literally see him craning his neck around his treadmill’s TV screen to get a better look at my cleavage.

My husband tells me that guys know, cleavage is like an eclipse. You take a quick glance at it, and look away. You don’t want to get caught.  I actually think that’s kind of funny!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know people check out other people at the gym all the time. That’s normal. What’s creepy is when you feel like the other person is undressing you with their eyes or you just feel unclean after the fact. That’s how I felt.

Anyway, I just wanted to say to this guy, “DUDE, look much?! Good Lord!” It wasn’t even 7 a.m. yet!  Oh well, maybe he’ll give up on his new year’s resolution soon and leave us women alone.

And while we’re on the subject of conversations only in my head, yesterday morning when I was almost home, the inevitable happened. Some jerk beeped at me right as I ran next to their car. I CANNOT STAND when someone does that! I want to yell out “why, yes, thanks, you as%$#hole, I am running, thanks for reminding me! My lungs were panting so hard, I just forgot what I was doing! Oh, and yes, thanks again for reminding me I’m wearing headphones!”


I do have some good news though – I’ve figured out some of my goals for tis year – I’ll write about them in my next post this weekend.  And also, despite the creepy guy of this morning, it was actually a good workout. I felt like I got some good work done on my legs and sweated out a whole lot of toxins.