A Shoutout:

I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to Lindsay at Chasing the Kenyans. She is running the  Goofy challenge this weekend at Disney in Florida. This means she is running a half-marathon on Saturday, followed by a full marathon on Sunday!  I am so excited for her. She’s worked so hard, run 60+ mile weeks, I am just so impressed with her speed, her dedication, and her heart.  And I know that, still being in her twenties, we are going to continue seeing such amazing things from her. I am so glad she found my blog and let me know she was reading it, just a month or two ago, because I’ve learned a lot from her already.

A lovely (yeah, right) picture and a product review:

Last week, we had really cold temps and I detailed for all of you, just how much gear I was wearing.  Now, this picture is for all of you, but especially for Kara, who commented that she wanted to see me in all this gear!  This morning I thought the wind chill was supposed to be much worse than it really ended up being, so I found myself being pretty hot, wearing 3 layers on top, a neck cowl, a hat, tights and pants, wool socks, and my ASRs.  I only wore one pair of gloves though and they worked out just fine.

So, now, who do you think wins the prize for THE BIGGEST DORK?

Yes, here I am, in all my running gear-head glory!  Notice the very fashionable Black Diamond Ion headlamp?  That thing totally rocks!  Oh, and that is the Garmin 405 on my left wrist. I would be lost without that thing, quite literally.
could I be wearing any MORE gear?

could I be wearing any MORE gear?

By the way, today was the first time I tried out my Stabilicers Sport.  I ran in areas that were slushy, some that were frozen, and some that had been sanded by the DPW trucks. They also handed the parts of the road that were dry, really well.  It is hard to explain, but having the screws on the bottom of your shoes, they kind of act like teeth on the icy surfaces.  They just give your shoes something to “bite into” every time your foot lands.

Here’s a close-up of how they look on my shoes – there’s a large piece of velcro that comes along with them that you can loop around your shoes to make sure that they stay on.   (Please ignore any dirt you see on the floor in the pictures – I’m in front of our bathroom that is being renovated this week!)
Stabilicers on top of my Brooks ASRs

Stabilicers on top of my Brooks ASRs

While they are more expensive than the Yaktrax, I think they are worth the money. (Mine cost around $28 on Amazon.com)  I’d read (but admittedly have never used) that the Yaktrax are not as good at handling dry roads, so I was a little bit leery of using them.  These just made me feel so secure when running this morning in the dark. 

The only difficult thing I can mention about them is that when I first tried putting them on, the rubber is stiff (which was good, I found once running), and it was really hard to get them stretched around my shoes. I wear size 7.5 for running sneakers, and that is the largest size shoe that can go in their XS size.  The difficulty might also be attributed to the fact that I was putting them on before 6 a.m. and might not have been completely awake.  All I know is, I don’t ever want to have to take them off and put them back on again!   And by the way, the customer service rep at 32 North, was extremely polite and helpful.  That I consider to be a bonus.
Oh, and if you wear them around the house a little bit before you go out there to run, don’t be suprised if people maybe mistake you for a tap dancer. They make a lot of noise on a lineoleum floor!
Today’s run – 5.14 miles, in a little over 53 minutes. Yes, I did stop to walk a bit.  I need to stop doing that (walking) and also set up the auto-lap on my Garmin so I know what my real times are for miles, rather than just the average mph pace, which of course gets all thrown off if you walk.  It’s weird because in between mile 1-2, I was running up hills, and it said I was doing 9:26 pace, and it felt slow?!
Tonight’s grateful thoughts are, and the last is definitely not the least;
  1. Our bathroom renovation is only 2 days or so from completion!
  2. The inventor of Stabilicer Sport
  3. The friendship of so many running bloggers out there! (Go Lindsay, go!!)