Because the kids are back in school, our indoor track was open last night. Hallelujah, as I really didn’t want to do that all alone again on a treadmill!

Last night, I’d love to say it went well but it just didn’t. Amy, who is also part of The Ladies, is now in my Group G. She explained that when Fernando, one of our three coaches, is not there for practice, it’s usually a hard workout. Well, he wasn’t there until the very end of practice!

I realized as we were doing the first part of our practice that I had not used my Flovent steroid inhaler religiously the last few days. Bad Move. That’s the inhaler that keeps my asthma in check – if you’ve seen the Advair ads on TV, it’s that kind of asthma medication. 

Ominous start to a not-so-great practice. I told myself it’s alright, this happens from time to time. I felt sorry for myself, of course, but I need to remember most of the folks in my group are clearly much faster than me, and the next group down from me, they’re definitely slower. I prefer to work myself with the faster group. 

Every single person in my group said that they felt like they were “dying.” We felt like there might have been a typo in our little note card that he gives us. He had us run in the outside lanes for the first 8 minutes, at a pace of 42-43 seconds per lap. Every time we’ve done that before, it’s been on the inside lanes, and not for that long.

The next part is what really killed me. We were doing repeats of 4 laps at a time, at a pace of 37-38 seconds. I can do one or two laps at that pace, but not 4, and with my asthma making me wheeze or feeling like I needed to wheeze, it was pretty hard to keep up. I just told the ladies in G, I’d try to keep up, and do the best I could. My heart was in it, my legs were definitely in it, but the lungs were not.    I will admit it was disheartening to see them pull away from me every time we did the really fast repeats.  After a while, I just told myself to not let them let the gap get any bigger.

Luckily we ended with repeats of 4 laps, but where the laps alternated between 42-43, and 37-38. For those intervals, I was right up there with them. Maybe it was that my emergency inhaler was finally working, not sure, or because they had to slow down from time to time. Not sure.

I need to figure out the real pace he’s having us run on. Eleven times around that indoor track is equal to a mile. If we were running laps at 40 seconds per mile, then 11 laps at that pace would be 440 seconds. Divide that by 60, and I think that is a 7 minute, 20 second pace, right? (Math is not my strong suit folks – there’s a reason I went to law school instead!) So, if we were doing 42 second laps, 11 of them would be 7 minutes, 42 second mile pace. Eleven laps of 38 seconds would be 6 minute, 58 second pace? No wonder I was having problems keeping up, I have seriously not run that pace since high school and I’m 36!!  Holy crap!  Does that really mean I should be doing track workouts on the treadmill HIGHER than 7.6 if I do them that way?!

Now I just have to figure out the distances we’ve been running, as I seriously need to update my mileage log on the right hand side of this blog.  If anyone sees mistakes in my math, please let me know!

Morals of this evening:

  1. NEVER forget to use your inhaler religiously, it’ll come back to bite you in the ass!
  2. Don’t have preconceived notions as to what speed you can/have run. You might be faster than you think (OR don’t do the math because it just might scare the bejesus out of you…) 

🙂  Run Happy folks, and hopefully with good lungs.