I wanted to say thank you to all of those of you who were kind enough to leave me supportive responses to my last post. Writing that all out felt very therapeutic, so thank you for reading.

So, here are two images for you – and you get to choose which you think I looked more like running this morning:  🙂

 Stewie Griffin, from the Family Guy, running.  Note the stubby little legs “trying” to run fast.  I’m trying to shorten my stride as my brother instructed, and find I do run faster. [Except I’m not a bald baby, who talks with a snob accent.]


Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, from Ghostbusters. The frontal image appears about 30 seconds in.

This is what I was wearing for my run, in 10 degree Farenheit weather (not counting any wind chill, which I think made it about 3 or so.)

  • one pair of black tights
  • one pair of nylon long pants
  • smartwool running socks
  • Brooks ASR sneaks (think Brooks Adrenaline with better tread and more resistant to water, or the all season variety)
  • Reebok base layer shirt, turtleneck in white
  • North Face performance fleece in hot pink
  • Asics nylon running jacket with hood in light blue
  • wool/fleece neck cowl thing (broke into Bill’s stash)
  • Reebok men’s running hat which covers the ears, in navy blue
  • Manzanella dry-wicking gloves, black
  • one pair of $3 creme wool running gloves (best $3 ever spent, at Philly Marathon in 2007, where my brother broke 3 hours!!)
  • one ipod
  • one reflective blinking strap on my right arm (was running in the road, facing traffic. The sidewalks were a bit scary.)
  • the hot pink Camelbak, yeah baby!
  • Garmin 405 watch

Let me tell you, that is a crapload of gear to put on, especially for only 5 miles. And I needed all of it. I prefer the Camelbak to carrying a very cold bottle of gatorade in my hand the entire time.  In a way it acts as a fourth layer in my back so I don’t mind it.

Time on the watch was 49:40 but I thought I had stopped it when I walked for two minutes, trying to breathe.  When I started to run again, I realized I hadn’t.  I did successfuly stop it, though, when I tried to use my asthma inhaler, and found out, you know what? There is a point, temp-wise, below which it makes your inhaler really not work. I tried not to freak out. Also, sports jelly beans can be very tough to bite into when they are near-frozen.

It was cold enough that when I came inside the house, I did feel like I had this wheezey-feeling in my lungs for about an hour, until all of my asthma inhaled puffs finally kicked in! 🙂

Although I did walk a bit, because my lungs actually hurt from the cold, I was proud to not have walked any of the hills, but just kept chugging on away. 🙂

Tomorrow, I am running 8 miles with The Ladies. At 7:30 in the morning, when the weather forecast has a wind chill predicted of -1.  I never would have done this last year at this time!   WTH has happened to me??!!

I want to get back in the habit of mentioning what I am grateful for each day. Today it was that all drivers were patient with me and no one hit me.  Also, that I went out to lunch with my husband, after taking yet another trip to Lowe’s for our bathroom that is being remodeled.  (I needed to go grocery shopping afterward, and he needs to be bribed to go along. Sad, I know.)

Drop me a comment, let me know which you think I resembled more, Stewie or Stay Puff!