prowashdetergentBefore I get to the review, I just have to say, I wimped out. I decided to not run in the 5 Mile race today, although I went back and forth in my mind about it for over an hour.  The winds were gusting around here at almost 40 mph, and we got about 7 inches of snow yesterday. The temperature was 8 when I got up, with a windchill at about -10, and I felt it was just too cold for me, even with the sunshine.   In Bill’s words, to run in the race today would have been “just silly” or “just stupid.” 

I went to the gym instead, rode the bike, and did crunches and the plank for 1:40 (my record!) and will plan on running outside tomorrow when the high is supposed to be in the mid-30s.  I was really looking forward to it too, even had a new playlist worked up. Guess I’ll listen to it tomorrow.

Ok, so on to my review of Pro Wash Detergent!   About a month ago, I was contacted by a marketer for this product, and they asked if I would mind doing a review of their detergent.  I wrote them back and asked if they still wanted me to do a review, even if I didn’t think it did its job.  I never heard back from them, but just a few days ago, I received a large sized pouch of it in the mail.  I took that to mean, they just wanted me to be honest.  So here goes.

Those of you who have read my blog for a while, especially during this past summer, know I sweat. A lot. Like a “farm animal”, even, as my husband so lovingly says.  That has not chaged just because it’s become winter time, just that now I have even more smelly laundry to do.

So, I was skeptical. I’ve tried the Penguin Wash, and found that it had absoutely no effect on the odors in my gym and running clothes, even after washing them through twice.

I am SO HAPPY to say that the Pro Wash actually worked!! Some of my clothes had been sitting around for about a week before last night.  Also, my load was, size-wise, in between, medium to large.  So, I used a tiny bit more than what was recommended for top-load washers (it says “2 units”, which means 2 tablespoons.  I also put my washer on Power Wash, as I always do with my gym clothes.

When I first took my clothes out, of course there I was, sniffing every single one to make sure they smelled fresh and not like just-washed body odor.  Only one shirt didn’t smell completely clean, but that was also a race shirt I got this past fall, and is of a bit thinner quality than the rest of mine.  However, when I took my clothes out of the dryer (I know, I know, you are not supposed to put running clothes in the dryer, but I only put them in for damp-dry, and also on low, to get the moisture out), there was no odor at all. (And no, I do not use fabric softener, but those nifty dryer’s balls.)

I really feel like my clothes are clean, rather than just covering up the odor like I was probably doing with Tide. True, this was only the first time I’ve used the product, but I am quite hopeful for the next time around.  Supposedly you can use it in your regular laundry, along with your regular detergent, to stop the regular buildup other detergents create.  I’ll have to see about that one.

By the way, here are some other particulars about the product.  A 24 oz. pouch should work for 24 loads. (My guess is that this is the case if you have a high efficiency washer which only requires one unit.)  It’s especially designed for Nike Dry-Fit, Under Armour, and Columbia Sportswear.  (Not all of my clothes are made by these folks, in case you are wondering.)  It come in a pouch, rather than a rigid plastic bottle like other detergents, so it’s better for the environment.  You can also email them at, if  you want to get coupons, which I plan on doing.

Overall, I give it a good review and feel comfortable recommending it.