I’m back home in MA tonight, just in time for us to get more SNOW! I promise, everyone, not every single post of mine during the winter will involve that dirty word, I’ll try my best to not bore everyone to death with that!  My plan was to go to the gym in  my mom’s town this morning and then get on the road. When we got up, we saw it was already snowing and blowing all over the place, so my mom did her best to kick me out as soon as she could. The first 45 miles of my drive back were pretty nerve-wracking — on the NY Thruway, we were down to about 30-40 miles per hour at times, and in some places, it was almost whiteout conditions, but not quite.  Luckily I’ve been driving for more than half of my life, and have always lived in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast so I’m used to it, but it still can be a bit scary.

Oh, and let me just say this one tangent. My mom’s animals, Persephone the cat, and Amos the dog, I am sure are rueing the fact that I had to leave. I love spoiling them – Amos loves Wheatables (I just gave him a few, Mom, I swear), and Persephone loved sleeping on top of my fleece bathrobe on the bed in the room where’s she usually not allowed to enter. 🙂

We didn’t have indoor track tonight because the high school where we meet is closed this week, so our coach emailed the workout to us.  We were supposed to run at the same “effort” as we did over the past few weeks, and to use our 5K times to determine paces on a treadmill. That’s fine if you’ve run a 5K somewhat recently. I have not, so basically I put the treadmill on .5 incline and kept my speed at either 7.5, 7.4 (in the middle when I felt like I was “dying”) and 7.6 for the running times, and kept it at 5.0 or higher (except twice at 4.5) for the “easy jog” portions.  When my mind said “I’m dying, I’m dying” over and over, I told myself, as my brother said, “if you want to run faster, you have to start doing it!” There were two times when we were supposed to “easy jog” for 30 seconds that I just put my legs to the side of the treadmill to catch my breath, but to make up for that, at the end when our last repeat was to be for 30 seconds, I did it for 90 seconds, at a pace of 7.8 up to 8.0. My legs now feel like they usually do after a Tuesday night so I guess I did alright.

For tomorrow, I plan on writing lots of reviews, I am literally about 10 pages from the end of Rachel Toor’s bookpersonalrecord  I was also asked to try out a new (?) product called ProWash and write up a review on my blog. Those of you who know I sweat a lot know that this product has its work cut out for it!! 🙂

Oh, and being the true gear-head I am, I bought myself a stability ball at Wal-Mart ($10, yay!) so Bill wants to use his birthday present (some sort of drill with an air compressor, and yes,I bought it even though I had no idea what it did, just that he asked for it)  to blow it up, so sigh… I just might let him do it! (Hey, it’s either that or I have to use an air pump, I’m no fool!)

I am now actually looking forward to my 5 Mile race on Thursday, and catching up with everyone else’s blogs and goings-on!

Oh, and please vote in my poll below, I’m curious to see how many other people are running this week!