Sorry to all of my blog friends out there – I’m visiting my mom in upstate NY and she doesn’t have the Internet other than through the public library, so I have not had a chance to catch up on what everyone’s doing.  I’m heading back home to the Boston area tomorrow, though.  It has been a good visit so far. My brother was in town until yesterday, we went for a run together in the really WEIRD warm weather of 50+ degrees. Of course, both of us were way overdressed, since to come home to upstate NY usually means to come to the frozen tundra.  It was 60 degrees + in Boston yesterday, per Bill (he was not feeling great the day I left to come home, so he stayed behind and caught up on a lot of sleep. Or so he says….)

Just kidding…Bill… 🙂

Anyway, if you can believe it, the 2 feet of snow we got a week ago – it’s almost all gone on our front lawn anyway. It’s now green again, something we didn’t think we’d see until June 2009. Yay!

As for my run with my brother, we did fartleks, I think he came up with them to get me out of the bad mood my legs put  me in. I also was telling him about the training plan my coach gave me – the problem with it is that it doesn’t give me paces to do – just that I get to control it myself. That would be fine, I suppose, if I knew how to do that properly. So when I told Jamie I don’t usually do fartleks because I suck at them and can’t do them, he taught me to do them the right way. I tried them a bit today on my own and they are much funner with someone else. That’s all I can say.

My mom suggested that today, I run in and around a cemetery near her house. Running, literally, among the dead, is a bit odd. Especially when  you recognize so many of the last names, and realize they are relatives of people you used to know from school. I decided, I like to run on roads a lot more.

The weather in upstate NY is usually pretty gray and depressing this time of year. Today’s weather did not disappoint in that aspect.  My lungs disappointed me in every way possible today and yesterday, making me wonder if I need to get a new or more effective asthma medication.  As soon as I stop to walk, my heart rate comes right down, the lungs just really can’t take very deep breaths and it’s pissing me off.

Only good thing is that my brother did give me some good paces to aim for when running – in his words, to break out of the 10-minute mile cycle, you have to start running faster. He suggested I take shorter strides but to do them faster, so that’s why I tried doing today. I am beginning to think I should start running 4 days per week, and cross train on the 5th, and maybe cut back on the longer runs, but do more shorter ones of 4-5 miles, but concentrate on my speed. I am sick of being a slowpoke. Hopefully, by Thursday, I can get out of this funk.

I realized, I absolutely hate carrying a water bottle. Give me a camelbak on my day anyday – it feels much lighter overall, and I am not always cognizant it’s there. With the cold water bottle in my hands, how could I forget?!

Anyway, it’s been a good visit, getting lots of sleep and some good reading in. Will write up a book review on Rachel Toor’s book, Personal Record, as soon as I’m done with it. It’s short, it shouldn’t take me long.

Hope you’re all running better than me right now!

p.s. Just tried to comment on a blog or two and the public computer was giving me errors, so I think I’ll have to just catch up with everyone when I’m back at home. My mom wants me to try to organize a gazillion books she has at home, so wish me luck!