So, I’ve got some pics for all of you, especially Penny, who I know loves seeing all the decorated  houses!  We think we got almost a foot of snow on Friday, and today when I got up a bit after 9 a.m. (really late for me, but I was tired), it was already snowing.  I had planned on going to the gym to run on the treadmill before the snow hit, but now that’s even a big question mark for me.  Where we live is almost right on the line – where it will turn from “wintry mix” to “all snow.”   We’re all supposed to get 50 mph+ wind gusts, which if any of you have ever lived where you get snow, know it can make whiteout conditions.

They haven’t even plowed our road yet today – to be out driving in this is just crazy, and can be really dangerous. To run in it, well that would be just obsessive, I think. I am trying to rationalize why I am not out there on the roads in any sense. I am trying to realize that it’s ok if I don’t get a long run in at all. I think my other option is to shovel all this snow, which will be the heavy type, and also to run up and down our stairs for a while as my workout.  I’m going to try to not feel guilty about not working out “in the traditional sense” for 3 days, if that’s what ends up happening. My goal will be to run tomorrow for about 6 miles or more, if I can, befoe going in to work. Having 3 days off should make my legs really rested.

Kara, I know you love the polar bears, they are now becoming glowing blobs of light.  The little baby polar bear is almost completely covered in snow, I’ll take a picture of him at the end of the snowstorm today so you can see what we mean.  And I’d love to move to Oregon! I find that state to be absolutely beautiful. 🙂

Lisa, you can tell your little ones that this is what they can look forward to at Grandma’s house this week. 🙂

For those of you like Jill, Alissa, Tamara, and Lindsay, can you feel my jealousy from here?! 

Some of the pics below are from this one street where everyone decorates (except for the house that we think is empty.) The one house is definitely the ringleader. On Christmas Eve, they stand out there decorated as Santa and Mrs. Claus, and they are taking money for donations for the local food pantry this year, which is the same one where I volunteer – yay!

More pics later!