one of my favorite trees in spring and winter

one of my favorite trees in spring and winter

Kara mentioned in an earlier post that she had a “white moment” while running, when everything just seemed to click.

I’ve had a different kind of white moment today. For many of you who live in northern climates, you know how the snow can get dirty and gray after a while, kind of like some of our moods when we just want winter to be over, and how it’s been hard not to be, given all the bad news we keep hearing about on the evening news.

So, I wanted to share some more of my pictures of my neighborhood and trees today. Right now, the street is white, the trees are white, and it’s pretty peaceful out.  I so wanted to be out there and running in the first snowfall of the year, but I’ve made peace with taking these days off, keeping my eye on the bigger picture.

I am grateful to be in the warm today, with enough food to keep us going, and enough money to pay for heat to keep our house and pets warm. I’m not a particularly religious person, but when you see how pretty the world outside your window can be sometimes, it does remind me that there is a higher power out there at work.  I am feeling a bit of what I saw another blogger called Irrational Optimism.

Oh, and I watched a movie called Marathon Challenge today – I  recognize many of the routes those people ran, and I drive by the Tufts track almost every day – both are covered in that short film. You might want to see if you can get your hands on it – it’s about a team of sedentary folks who train for 9 months to run the 2007 Boston Marathon (also my brother’s first Boston Marathon!) All 12 who started the race that day, finished!

And the good thing I realized, all this running has done wonders for my aerobic capacity and cardiovascular system. Shoveling snow has not hurt nearly as much as in past years.

Seen today: NO runners. Two or four snowmobilers on the road (yes, it’s totally illegal in case you are wondering.) Many plows.

Happy Winter Wonderland!