Two posts in the same day – yep, I’m on a roll!

So, I think I am going to again ask to move up a group. Tonight, I was the pacer for many of our laps because I had a stopwatch on and could keep track of things.  That, and I was told I was a good pacer by one of my teammates! (My brother said the same thing at the marathon, yay I’m good at something!)

The problem for my comrades: I thought we were supposed to do repeats of 4 laps at 44-45 seconds.  Yeah… We were supposed to do them at 46-47.  So basically I had  our group running faster than they were supposed to go. Later on, we did these repeats of run one lap, jog half lap, run one lap.  We were supposed to take breaks of 90 seconds between each of those. I thought we were supposed to only take 45 seconds, at the longest 60.  Do you feel sorry for my teammates now?! I was only taking the 45-60 second breaks for the first 3 or 4 of those repeats.   And at the end, I had us do our last repeat of 4 laps at probably what was another fast time, although we took turns taking the lead. I ended up leading 2 out of 4 that time. Needless to say, we got a GOOD workout in!

I checked in with one of the ladies who was in a group one level up from me, which made her group level G.  She said she was really working tonight, but she thought I should be with her group. So that’s my plan for next week. I t think I can do it. As my coworker Will said, in the beginning, I might be hanging off of the back end of a group that will push me, but after a few weeks will be right back with them.  That is my goal – to be “hanging off of the end” and  push myself past what I didn’t think was possible before.

Yes, I am insane in case you are wondering! 🙂

My only problem is that on most tracks where I have run, when you are done doing repeats, you move to the outside. At this track, it’s just the opposite, so I felt awful when at one point, we finished an interval and I jumped to the outside, right into the path of one of the sprinters who goes to these workouts. And she’s super fast, as in, “nationally ranked for masters fast.”  I am not sure who was more scared. Note to self, go to the inside next time around. (i.e. turn off auto-pilot!)

Oh, and by the way, did I tell you all how I passed someone yesterday morning who had a headlamp that just might have been brighter than mine???!!

Everyone, run happy and try to stay alive out there!