I really do. This morning it was 46 when I got up, BEFORE 5 a.m. Is this really Massachusetts two weeks before Christmas? When we first moved into our house 4 years ago, and therefore didn’t yet have a snowblower, it started to snow that weekend and didn’t really let up for the season.  We’ve been dealing with such yo-you weather around here. Today it was 60 but REALLY windy, so it never completely felt like it was that warm, at least to me.  Tomorrow there’s a chance of snow!

Anyway, this morning my brain just couldn’t wrap itself around the idea of 46, thus I should dress like it’s 15 degrees warmer. I went out there with my three layers on and long pants and found myself sweating to death within a mile. I stopped, took the jacket off, reattached the Garmin and got going again. (I put it on the outside of my jacket when it’s cold out.)

It was pretty humid, my lungs are not used to it again, of course, so I did stop once again. I’ll call today an interval workout of 4 miles – average of 9:38 minute miles, I guess. My brain never totally woke up the entire time, even with my sports beans.  sportsbeansI would really like to get faster than that, with any luck, I can.

By the way, in case you are wondering, Sports Beans, they still get hard when it’s cold out, like a regular jelly bean. I found out the hard way this past Saturday.

You ever feel like there is someone up there, or out there in the universe watching out for you?  That’s what I attribute the two people sitting in their truck at the end of a driveway, to, on Saturday morning when I got lost and found myself running out of North Andover into Boxford, when there was no one else around to ask for directions, and I was so cold. They told me I had to run back in the opposite direction, a mile OR two. I felt like my grandmother had a hand in that interaction, if you ask me. Thanks Granny.

I also thought of something else this weekend.  If you can get through running 26.2 miles, it’s something else to fall back on when negative thoughts enter your head, like they do with me from time to time. I just kept reminding myself, I did 26.2 miles once, I can get through this cold weather, I can do anything I put my mind to.

Any of  you ever have an experience like that, when you need help, and out of nowhere it appears? Almost magically?