Picture by Stewart Ho, Flickr.com

hummingbirdThis picture sums up how I was this weekend, busy, moving fast!

Got up and ran yesterday morning with some ladies from my Tuesday night indoor track sessions. They all did 5, I did 10.5.  I meant to do the same loop as they did twice, but of course, I am a moron when it comes to navigating, got lost, and finally got back to my car.  IT WAS FRIGID – 21 degrees outside – did I forget to mention we met at 7:30 a.m. so it was FREAKING cold outside?!  I had on 3 layers on top, plus my Camelbak (which  basically means a 4th layer on my back, thankfully), and just wearing tights was not enough! This is the first time I’ve ever run outside and had to wear two layers on my legs. Wow. At least the first lap with The Ladies went pretty fast, we were all talking most of the time. They have a route they run which has “rolling hills” – good to work on, for sure.  The town that they run in is known for being quite wealthy (none of us actually live there) and wow, you should have SEEN some of the homes there. The kind of folks who must be immune to this economy.

Let’s see. Then I got home, showered, and ran to see my old running partner, Lis, run in her second race since the marathon – a 3.5 mile race called The Assault on Mt. Hood – through a golf course and fairways.  It was still frigid when she ran but she said at times she was quite hot on the course. I think she did well – considering the hills, and everything, she ran in just over 40 minutes. She certainly was not last, as she feared. At the end, she got a pint glass, full of as much beer as she wanted!

Then I wrote about a zillion Christmas cards, and watched a movie with Bill before collapsing around 10 p.m.

This morning, I volunteered at a local food pantry – a very fast 3 hours, let me tell you.  Very glad I did it and I am most definitely going back. Unfortunately they only distribute food three days per month, but that also meant there was a ton of sorting to do.  They had 102 clients come in, which they said is the most ever. Tells you something about the economy.  I even met a guy who is a runner too, and who I might run with on some weekends if I am not running with The Ladies. He’s done a half-marathon, and although he is back down to running shorter distances than me on the weekend, it might be a good idea to occasionally run with him at his faster  pace. 

Good news, one of The Ladies who I ran with this weekend – she runs my same pace on longer runs, but she did a half-marathon this past October in 1:58! She’s in my NEW running group this Tuesday – yep, I got moved up!! So it should be good. I am really looking forward to it, and I got my revised schedule tonight from the coach, yay!

Oh, and Bill and I are having our bathroom ripped up this week so we also spent some time at Home Depot buying some much needed stuff. I so can’t wait to get it redone – it’s been needing an overhaul since we moved in. 

Oh, and in case you’ve been hearing on the news about the state of emergency near Boston – it’s a few towns away from us, and up in to NH, where  my sister-in-law lives. She’s the Sue of Sue and Jamie’s blog on the right side of my page. She, like many, has had no power for three days now, and there are still projected to be 191,000 without power. We were super lucky to have just gotten rain!

And now tomorrow, it’s supposed to be 42 when I wake up (so I’m going to try to get an easy run in), and then it’s supposed to get to 58 in the afternoon!!

Run Happy folks!