I had my second track workout last night, and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I think I am going to switch up to another group.  I felt like after we were done that I could have done more than what we were given.  The ladies I ran with figured that the times we were given to do probably equalled out to about a 9 minute mile, and usually when I do track workouts, I run at the speed that would equal faster than that, usually around 8 minute miles, or a bit slower, and even sometimes, on a great day, a bit faster!   I’m going to let the coach know that and see which group he thinks is best for me to be with.

I want to feel like I’m pushing my limits, and last night, I felt like I had to hold back sometimes to keep our pace where it was supposed to be for each lap since I was taking the lead on most laps.

And guess where that puts me in the running group? That’s right – right in the middle!!  (Guess I can keep my blog name after all.)

The weather here is so-o-o weird. On Monday we had temps that were in the teens, with wind chills around zero, or even below that. Today it’s 61 degrees, and I’m not even kidding.  It’s super windy too, of course, as always happens with such a wild change in temps.  I’d go for a run but the track workout was less than 12 hours ago!  So maybe I will get out there for a short walk in a bit – I don’t have to be into work today until 11.

There’s just something about being outside when you know a storm is coming on – it’s pretty electrifying, don’t you think?

Happy Running on this Wednesday everyone!