Today’s run was really good. It started out a bit rough and at first I was thinking, it was going to be a very rough day and maybe I wouldn’t even make it 9 miles. But I ended up going 11.13, and it felt great.

I think it was because of three things.

1.  Where I ran today. Usually I start my long runs going down this one street that, for some reason, parts of it are kind of depressing. There is one house that I keep thinking might be abandoned. I’ve been seeing a lot of houses for sale around here, and it’s sad.  Although there is one house near us, it’s a light lavender color, and Bill and I always think it looks like  a dollhouse. It’s not been on the market for long and I saw today it had a sign saying “sale pending.”  Made me feel good to know that some people are doing ok in this world.

My town and the neighboring ones contain a lot of wetlands (the nice term for swamp, Bill and I always say.)  The images below I took afterward – I wanted to have my good camera.  You might say that the area looks desolate this time of year, but here is where it’s a matter of perspective. The words that came to my mind as I stood there:  serene, peaceful, nature. 

The Canadian geese took off when they heard me clicking away. Hopefully these pics do them and the wetlands justice.



2.  Second reason – I was thinking of the email group we started up at work for runners/walkers/people interested in exercise. I started thinking of ideas to get people involved. This past Thursday I sent out “Thursday’s Tip of the Week” and I was thinking Monday could be Monday’s Mental Image” or “Monday’s Motivating Image” and then Tuesday could be “Tuesday’s Inspirational Thought.”  People at work are kind of stressed out right now, with the economy, and I think I can say this, it’s public knowledge, our library is going through a reorganization, complete with an outside consultant and everything.  I really want to help take people’s minds off of that, even if it’s only for a few moments each day.  I worry I might not be able to come up with enough material to keep it going, and am hoping that others will jump in and volunteer information too. If anyone’s got an idea for Friday’s topic, or what to call that day of the week, I’m all ears!

3.  Third and last reason:  I got to thinking last night, that I’d like to read this book called The Power of Positive Thinking”  (i.e. the reason for that picture above, I just got it out from my library.)   Just thinking about how maybe I could maybe, just maybe, help others at work, I was thinking, the way you think affects the way you look at the world. If you constantly feel negative, you project negativity into every other person’s facial expressions, spoken words, body language, etc. If you feel positive, or make an effort to feel positive, you can also project positivity into those expressions, etc. 

Over this past year, at first I had to make a conscious effort to be positive, and I still do sometimes, but it is becoming much easier to be positive on a regular basis (once I’ve got my coffee in me, that is.)

All this helped me to take my mind off of the cold and the busyness of the holiday season we’re in now. I actually didn’t notice hills that usually weaken me. It took me two hours to do those 11.13 miles, but it was worth it for the time out there on my own.

And Mom, if you’re reading this, you’ve made me really happy every time you’ve called up andsaid “why aren’t you out there running?”  I KNOW you’ve been catching up on my blog. It means a lot to me.

Run Happy everyone.