You get to see some beautiful sunrises, especially on the East Coast. These pictures don’t even do this morning’s sky justice – they were taken with my cell phone.  The sun came up and the sky turned orange, then the clouds turned bright red.  That was while I was in the gym, a bit before 7 a.m.

Once I stepped outside, the sky had turned shades of pink and blue. Hopefully that shows up from the picture that I took from within my car (be thankful I had my windshield replaced the other day, or all you’d see is a bunch of spots and scratches!)

Unfortunately sunrise comes so late now that I’m already done with my workout or run by the time it comes up, but hey December 21st will be here before you know it, and then the days will get progressively longer again! Yay!

So thankful for the gift of eyesight that I could see this view this morning.  And for my hearing, I was listening to JimmyG’s music today while at work, and some of his pieces, I think, can bring tears to your eyes. 

Run Happy, wherever you are!