Just a quick note to tell you how my first indoor track workout went the other night with the Merrimack Valley Striders, and also about two websites I’ve come across lately over the course of my work.

musicalnote-by-labanex-on-flickrPhoto by Labanex, Flickr.com

The two websites I’ve added to my Favorite Links on the right.  Both Kevin MacLeod, and JimmyG are professional composers who have (amazingly, in my opinion) made some of their compositions available for download off of their websites.  I’ve been listening to Kevin’s classical music and a lot of JimmyG’s compositions, piano and otherwise, because I’ve added them to some video tutorials I’ve done for work.  But honestly, I think I’ll be listening to them a lot on my own too!  Both of these guys are truly talented, and I know that some of you out there enjoy classical music, so I thought you might enjoy listening to them too! And check out their other stuff too while you’re at it!  🙂

wrapped-present Photo by ex.libris, Flickr.com

Continuing on with the music theme, well, I consider my going to the indoor track sessions as my early Christmas present from  Bill.   There was another lady there with a shirt on from the Maine Coast Half Marathon which gave me a great opening to start talking to her, and we hit it off pretty well. That lady, who I’ll just call L, was also there for the first time. And there was another lady, J, who had come a few times last year, then given up, but now she’s back. Both of them ran around the same pace as me, and I think we were all relieved to not be the slowest. We hung toward the back of the room for the “dynamic stretching” (which feels pretty strange to me but I guess I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later.)

Anyway, I gave them some of my goals: to run a 5K in less than 25-26 minutes, to do the Lehigh Valley half marathon in 2:13 or less (did I forget to mention it has a lot of hills?!) and to get down to running a 9 minute mile regularly and be able to hold onto that pace.  Hopefully next week we’ll be put in groups, and have workouts to do to get us to those goals.  The coach seems really nice, and I met some very nice people. So, so far, so good, and I’m really happy I made the decision to go.

The good news for this evening is that  Bill is feeling much better than yesterday when he stayed home from work. That’s my grateful thought for the day.

My hope for tomorrow is it won’t be too cold, might try to get a run in, in the a.m., either that or a ride on the bike at the gym.

Run Happy everyone!