sag-iconI just read tonight that the SAG Union asked for strike authorization. They’ve been working without a contract since June.

Last year when the writers went out on strike, my husband, Bill, and I bitched about there being no good TV on at all.  We complained that it’d be 2 years before we’d see a new 24 episode. We complained that it’d be forever until we’d see a new LOST episode.  So yes, we were bored, but that’s about the extent of how the strike harmed us.  It didn’t affect our livelihood. However, that can’t be said for all of us.

I’ve been reading Penny’s blog at Planet Nyyep Running now for some time.  She is working out in Hollywood, in the entertainment industry.  She’s not one of those folks making millions or getting paid money when shows get rerun over and over, or when they go into syndication.  She’s one of the camera operators, and one of those folks who you don’t see BECAUSE they do their work  so well.  She works on the show,  Mad Men, which won lots of kudos (and awards) this year. Enough said.  

If you read this post of Penny’s, you’ll see how a strike could affect her and others like her.  No wonder she works the crazy hours she does sometimes, she never knows when her work might come to a screeching halt and there’s nothing she can do about it!

So, please, if you can spare the 10 seconds that it takes, please go to this link, and sign the No SAG Strike! petition!    THANK YOU!!

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