I am a bit frustrated. I am kind of sick of being a 10 minute-or-so miler.  I know it’s not particularly slow but it’s not particularly fast either.  The weather here this weekend was sunny at times, but so windy, that after raking a ton of leaves yesterday, I was not about to go out there and run 8-10 miles.  Yes, I have the right clothes, but I just couldn’t do it.

So I thought I’d run for the whole 99 minutes that our treadmills can do, at our gym. I made it to about 83 minutes (8 miles) and then guess what? The tummy got me, and that was it. I thought of finishing up, but then decided against it.  8 Miles on a treadmill – thank God there were two silly movies on the TV that I kept bouncing back and forth between.

Anyway, I have decided to get back into my strength training again – with all the training the marathon took, I didn’t have that much time to keep it up.  And now I notice a difference. So at the end of every workout now, the plan is to try to do at least 10-15 minutes of working with weights of some kind. 

And also, more speedwork. I really want to at least built up my speed if I’m not doing all the mileage I used to. I think my longest runs on the weekends will now be between 8-10 miles, especially if it’s going to be so cold.  It is just so hard to stay motivated when running by yourself in the bitter cold. I do envy those of you who live in warmer places of the country. Wind chills in the single digits and teens, yeah, it’s just not the type of weather to get you out there.

I planned on lifting weights this morning but it was less than 12 hours since I was at the gym last night, and when I woke up, my neck and shoulders hurt, so I went back to sleep. Now I am feeling a bit guilty. And my hair dryer went on the fritz this morning. Sigh.

I’d love to get down to be able to keep up a solid 9 minute mile, that would be awesome. Now I just have to get to it.

Anyway, I did have fun meeting some people yesterday at the packet stuffing. They said that the Feaster Five Road Race already had about 5800 signups, and last year they got about 2500 during the three days of registration beforehand.  Should be fine. And the people I sat and talked with were very nice.  Dick Hoyt and his son are going to be there again this year – you should check out their web page if you want some inspiration.