Per Accuweather, the real temp outside right now is about 25 degrees. However with the wind it feels like 5.  (And it’s cloudy, althought not quite as dark as this picture, which was taken outside of my house earlier this year.)  I do remember distinctly what it was like running in the cold and crazy wind of last weekend. No thanks today!  Today, I’m going to put myself at the mercy of the escalator-to-nowhere, to get some hill workout-heart pumping going on.

Call me a wimp, but I am going to work out at the gym today, and do my longish run for the week tomorrow afternoon when it might feel like it’s in the 30’s. 

I am volunteering to stuff packets tomorrow for the Feaster Five Road Race.  I understand that they are on tap to have more than 7,000 runners this year, so this should be fun tomorrow!  I am hoping to meet some of the folks in the Merrimack Valley Striders running group, which is the group one of my co-workers belongs to. (He’s a diehard, this windchill of today probably wouldn’t stop him from getting out there.)

I saw the weather forecast for today last night, so decided that I’d forego the Thai food until this evening, and then hopefully have a good run tomorrow afternoon.

Hard to believe, a year ago this weekend, my brother ran his first sub-3 hour marathon, in Philly!  I just remember this suprised look on his face for the rest of the day, it was great.

Run Happy, everyone!