I don’t know about all of you but I have found that over the past seven or eight months my diet has definitely improved.  I’ve got a different relationship with food now – I think of it as fuel.  I also find that I am hungry somewhat often during the day – maybe it’s from thinking too hard, or nervous energy.  Regardless, I wanted to share a good cookbook with all of you that I recently checked out from my public library.  I did see that Amazon has some pretty cheap used copies (read: less than $12!!)  There are about 700 pages of recipes! cookbook  So far Bill and I have found that we like the pasta recipes the best.  During the first meal I made out of it, he said he felt like he was eating out at a restaurant! 🙂

While the title of the book would suggest you can only use fresh ingredients, so far, we have found that it’s ok to substitute some dried ones we already have (can’t afford to be going to the grocery store on a daily basis, after all.)

One other thing to mention – with every order I’ve made from Hammer Nutrition, they’ve sent along one of their newsletters/magazine issues.  They do note that when training, you should not replace the fluids/electrolytes/sodium you lose, but to replenish them. There’s a difference.  According to their research, the body just can’t absorb it in the same ratio.   Here’s what they suggest:

  • Fluids: aim for 20-33% of the loss to be replenished.
  • Sodium: aim for 20-35% of the loss to be replenished.
  • Fuel: aim for 30-40% of the loss to be replenished.

If you’re interested in trying out any of their products, now is the time to do it. They are having a customer appreciation sale until Dec. 17th, with some items being up to 50% off.  A few of you had commented on using the Endurolytes with good results, well, now is the time to buy them, as a lot of their products will be going up in price after January 1.  endurolytes If it’s your first order, be sure to use my “referrrals and discounts” link on this page, and you can save an additional 15%.

I am thinking of ordering some of their Premium Insurance Caps since they are deeply discounted. If I do, I’ll let you know if I think they help. premium-insurance-capsI know it’s weird but I am always afraid of getting sick, and with all this outdoor running lately, even more so. 

By the way, the wind chills here today made it feel lke it was in the lower 20s or teens this morning. Needless to say,that’s a bit cold for me, so I was thankful that today was my day to ride the bike, wahoo! So thankful to be inside where it was warm!

Tomorrow I’m going to try to do speed work – wish me luck, as I’m not sure how this is going to happen when I’m half asleep!