I would love to say that today’s run went well. I’d love to, but I can’t.  It sucked.  Big time. I don’t know what my problem was. I got 8 hours of sleep last night, which is about an hour more than normal during the week.  Maybe I overheated. I was wearing a dry-wicking shirt, heavier long sleeve shirt, and light jacket. It was 27 degreees at 8 a.m., I should add, with our high temp. today only rising to the high 30s, I believe.  (Our forecasters are saying we are experiencing January weather right now. Just great.)

This is the new shirt I was wearing. It’s called CS by City Sports: Women’s Endurance 1/4 zip.  (I had a 20 % off coupon so it was not as expensive. I’d have a problem rationalizing spending that much on a shirt otherwise!)  The sleeves may appear weird at first, but that’s because they have thumb holes.  women-sleevehole  I was able to wear a size small over my long sleeve dry-wicking shirt, and it fit perfectly.

All I know is, I had absolutely no energy, even though I took one of my powerbar gels, and I had a bottle filled with gatorade with me.  At points, I literally had trouble running a 1/4 mile, and then I was able to run about 1 mile or so without a problem.

The only good thing about this morning’s run is that my slower than slow pace seems to be slowly increasing. I was doing about 10:30 minute miles at one point and it felt like I was walking.  At other times, it was down to 11 minute miles, but this is an improvement considering most of our long runs this summer, we did around 11 minute miles the whole way. 

At one point today, I was running uphill and I thought that I just might roll backwards if I stopped.  Oh, and at one point, I literally stopped and turned around, and almost gave up on my run.  But I’ve not done that in a long time, so I didn’t, and just tried to finish in a time that would not make me too late for work. (Today was my turn to do the 11-7 shift.)

So what am I grateful for this evening?  That despite the cold, it was actually pretty sunny outside, and I got to wear my new winter jacket to work.  🙂