This was the question Bill asked me when I announced I was going to do a long run this weekend and wanted to do 10 miles?  He  looked at me like I had lost it. After all, I don’t have a race coming up that would require me to run that far. The Feaster Five race on Thanksgiving is only 5 miles.  The fact that I can say “only” shows how my attitude to running has changed over this year, for the better.

I suppose it’s because for the last 5 months or so, most weekends I’ve been up really early and running at least 10 miles, except for the week before our marathon. It’s become habit. I feel like a normal weekday run is at least 4-6 miles, and I don’t want to lose some of that endurance I’ve built up this year.

I just finished reading a book tonight, called Dead Lucky, by Lincoln Hall. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I have this fascination with mountaineers and Everest.  I suppose many would ask the same question “Why?” when considering everything people go through just to get to the top of the world, where they really shouldn’t stay for longer than it takes to say a few prayers, make a phone call, or take a few pictures. So many people die on the way up (and even more on the way down, actually), and Lincoln Hall was thought to be dead, and left out at over 28,000 feet overnight.

Layout 1 Image is from Random House Australia. My book’s cover is of Lincoln himself.

So why am I so interested in these types of stories? I guess I am inspired by what the human body can put itself through, and more importantly, in Lincoln’s case, the strength of the human spirit.  He mentions in the epilogue how he loves to watch the sunset because it reminds him how lucky he is to still be alive. That made me thought of how lucky I am to be able to run in the morning if I so choose, and see the sun come up.

I am also thankful that my grandmother also taught me a love of sunsets – she used to call to us to come watch it with her in her kitchen, and it’s one thing I can still do now to remind me of her. That’s my grateful note for this evening.

By the way, I’ve added more photos to the widget on the right side of the blog, many are from my Oregon coastal trip this summer.  If you like them and want to download them, you just need to right click on the picture(s) you like.

What inspires you? And why do you keep on running, even into the wintertime?