I just wanted to wish a few of my fellow bloggers good luck this weekend on their races.  Chris, otherwise known as the Gibtown Runner, is running his first half-marathon this weekend.  I’m very proud of Chris because not too long ago, he was sidelined with injuries for 7 weeks and was not able to run at all. Also, he travels a lot for work, and seems to be fearless about trying out new routes in unfamiliar places.  (Me, I traveled once this past summer and hated trying to find new routes in unknown neighborhoods!)  Oh, and did I also mention he’s a dad of a very cute little girl?  I swear, I don’t know how parents of any kids can also train for these things.  It’s quite impressive.  

Chris was also one of the first followers (that I know about anyway) of my blog, andRoute 66 Half-Marathon he supported my fundraising with Team in Training.  He’s been a great source of moral support. He’s running the  on Sunday! GO CHRIS!

Also, Jill, of Jill Will Run, is running a marathon this weekend with Team in Training.  She’s running the Inaugural Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in San Antonio, Texas!  Jill and I have been reading each other’s blogs now for the past several months.  She is so-o-o dedicated to her training, it’s quite inspiring.  She’s also been quite creative at fundraising. She write great reviews of products and books also.  I’ve learned quite a lot from her, thank you so much Jill!

 This is not Jill’s first marathon.  She says that the end of her first marathon was not the way she wanted it to go. I have no doubt at all that she is going to finish this one quite strongly.  She’s got the experience of the first time on her belt already, and she’s quite the speed demon. 🙂  KICK SOME BUTT, JILL!

I’ll be thinking of you this weekend and sending all the positive energy I can, your way!!  Can’t wait to read your race reports!!  And remember, Run Happy!