If you keep an eye on my pictures box on the right hand side, I’ll be updating it from time to time. If you want to view it as a slideshow, all you have to do is click on an image, and then you’ll see the option to play it continuously. Or, you can just use the scroll bar to look at them all individually.  And, if you see something you like, you should also be able to download it on your end.

You’ll also see a link category that is “Referrals and Discounts.”  If you decide that you want to buy something from Hammer Nutrition, go to their website through my link, if it’s your first purchase. You’ll save 15%. That can really add up. hammer-nutrition-logo1 (Unfortunately I just can’t get the picture to stick on the sidebar of this blog theme.)

Tonight I’m grateful that the blogger from Chasing the Kenyans alerted me to the fact that she follow my blog. She follows a ton of blogs, and has already posted about a new runner site I think I’ll need to check out! And how can you not like her blog name, huh?