Quick post, then I have to get stuff done around the house!

Tomorrow’s weather in Portsmouth is supposed to be in the low 50s, and of course, humid.  But overcast, I am really liking that.  We’ve had some weird weather here this week, but I am not complaining. After I moaned and groaned about running in sub 30 degrees, we got a warm front, and it’s been in the 50s or high 40s in the morning, even pre-dawn when I’ve been getting up.

Humid is what i know, after this summer. So I’m going to be sure to bring my trusty Endurolytes, and powerbar gels, and maybe one of those GU roctanes. gu-roctane If you haven’t tried them yet, you should. They pack an extra kick. 

Looking forward to running along the ocean. Always makes me feel settled. Will be hard to do this without headphones, but hopefully the ocean can distract me enough when I’m near it.

Still not sure if Lis is going to run it or not – her plan was to run a mile on pavement last night and see how it felt compared to running on the treadmill. If she felt pain, she might start with the walkers tomorrow so she could enjoy the course and not feel pressure since the course closes around 12 or 12:30, I think.  Although “technically” how can a course be closed when cars will be sharing the road with us, I ask?!

So hopefully I’ll have some good pics to show tomorrow. Good luck to everyone runnning this weekend. 

I just finished that book Ultramarathon Man, by Dean Karnazes.  I can kind of see the allure in running an ultra, I know that may sound weird to some.  But I think you must learn a ton about yourself by doing them.  Thank you to Amazon for the image below – you can either buy it online through them, or Barnes and Noble, or you can be like me, and check it out from your library!

ultramarathon-man-bookThank you very much Jill, for recommending it. It was just what I needed to read and think about, going into this weekend. I just found out he has a blog – I think I’ve got to add it to my blogroll.  That way whenever I am thinking I’m too tired to get out of bed and run in the morning, I can be reminded of his running 200+ miles, and then get my butt in gear.

  I think one of the next ones I want to read is the Paula Radcliffe autobio, My Story So Far.  paula-radcliffe-autobio

As the sign that my brother held at the Maine Marathon said, RUN HAPPY!