That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  🙂

Tonight was nice, my husband and I went out for dinner after my physical therapy appointment, and now I need to get to bed soon.  I’m going to try to run about 2-3 miles tomorrow morning to just stay with fresh legs, for the race on Sunday.  I don’t have to be at my all-day conference until 9:45 but it’s at the law school where I used to work so I’m looking forward to seeing some of my old colleagues that I have not seen in over a year. I’m not sure they all know I’m coming so it’ll be cool to surprise them!

Today was day 2 of my “getting up early” routine. Sounds like I only have about 3 weeks to make it a habit. Wish me luck.  I do like feeling more alive in the morning and the feeling of accomplishment, that is for sure.

Today was also my second P.T. appointment.  I think I could get used to this.  Electric current stimulation, then heat and cold and massage. Niiicccceeeeeee, honestly! The physical therapist is very nice, as is his assistant.  He has given me another exercise to work on for my knee (not sure yet but it might just be a bitg of tendonitis) and told me I don’t have to do an ice massage for 20 minutes like I thought I did.  (Lis does for her shin splints, so that’s what I thought we all had to do.)  I’m taking The Stick to him next week so he can see what it is and how it might help with my foot issues, if at all.

This morning the gym had a fair number of people, mainly middle-age or retirement-age people which I thought was a bit suprising (don’t know why, just thought most people there would be younger at that time of day). But it was  also quiet, no loud annoying talkers or anything.  I read my Dean Karnazes’ book (so inspiring, that guy is like a MACHINE!).

So one side effect of this a.m. running is that I need to get to sleep early. Last night I turned off the computer a bit after 9 and Bill was like “what’s wrong?! The blogmatic never goes off this early! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get turned off before I go to bed!”  Yeah, there’s a bit of adjustment for both of us…

Oh, and by the way, my blog is not always sending me emails when I get comments, so if I’m not always responding, it’s because I may not know they are there until I get home and check the blog – please know I do love all the comments, advice, and support! (I’m not meaning to ignore anyone!)  Yet another reason to think of changing over to blogspot, once I get that few precious minutes of time to do the switchover!

By the way, here’s a new song I’ve got downloaded, by Cold Play, Lovers In Japan.

Thanks to those of you who told me about Amazon and the Snow Patrol deal last week- it’s awesome!  Now I just need to get reading all of your blogs again, this is one bad side effect to running early, I am falling behind because I need sleep!

Happy running everyone!