I mean, the dork with a big old headlamp on her head.  I used my headlamp this morning on my run.

Yes, you read that right. This morning. As in, set my alarm for the ungodly hour of 4:45, then got up at 4:54 (9 minute snooze, can you tell?) I know that some of you are able to bolt out of bed and just get going, but I take a bit longer. I was happy that I was able to be on the road, literally, by 5:45.  Since this was my first attempt, I decided I would do  only my 4.1 mile route.

Honestly, for the first mile and a half or so, my brain was seriously not awake. Even though I’d had a cup of coffee, and a powerbar gel with 2x the caffeine (double latte flavor, my favorite! I know they’re Alissa‘s favorite too!)  I also had a bowl of cereal to get something in me, and a few endurolytes, for the extra “kick” that they give me sometimes.

The headlamp I wrote about a few posts ago, I LOVE it.  It’s a bit strange in that the batteries go in the back of your head (I thought I was buying it with rechargeable batteries, but I didn’t. Those are extra. Need to think of whether I want to spend the extra bucks on that or not.  I know that the headlamp wil give you an indication of the battery strength if you use those, which is a feature I think I could really like.)

Anyway, the total weight with batteries is 6.6 oz.  That is twice the weight of my old lamp, but well worth the weight for the increase in brightness and range. I thought it might be heavy but I pretty much forgot I was wearing it.  The beam can shoot up to 100M in the distance. I had my doubts as to that, but not after this morning.  It has some serious range.  For me, that’s important. Not all of the streets around me have sidewalks, and not all of the streets have tons and tons of streetlights. I found that even though I was running this morning during dawnbreaking hours, I still kept it on at times, sort of like a car would keep on its daytime running lights. (Yes, I am now comparing myself to a motorized vehicle. Sad.)

So I decided to try to run in the morning for a few reasons.

1. After my post the other day, I felt like I was being a big old baby and should just buck it up.

2. Especially with all my marathon training, I didn’t get to spend a whole ton of time with Bill some nights, by the time I’d get home from work and then eat dinner.  And also, I can do other things in the evening, such as meet my friends without feeling guilty for doing so.

3. Especially with being stressed at work sometimes, it’s been easier to come up with excuses as to why to not always get to my workouts.  I’ve also been finding that sometimes I can’t shut off the stressful thoughts (from work or whatever) and I have not liked how that has affected how I’ve run some days. (Trust me, ask Lis about some of our runs together this past summer.)

4.  This can be my “me” time, and hopefully it won’t take as much total time out of my day.  Plus, it’ll kind of force me to keep going at a decent pace when otherwise I’d prefer to slow down or stop, knowing that I will have to get back and get to work within a certain time.

5. Possibly, as today, I won’t even remember the hard part of getting started, because my brain will still be half asleep.  Once it woke up this morning, it was like my brain was like “ok, lady, seriously get off the crack. Let’s stop this silliness.”

6. It was kind of weird, but cool, to run by all these houses where I could see people were just stumbling around awake. I couldn’t believe I had already done a few miles before it was even 6:30 a.m.

Ok, here’s the thing. Most days I need to be in at work by 9 (thank God, not 7, like Jill).  This may not seem to be too early to a lot of you. But when your commute sucks like mine does, it means some days I need to be out of the door by 7:30ish, and still be stressed about being there in time to be on the desk first thing, even though it’s a measly 18 miles.  (And on days like yesterday when everyone and their mother was out to vote, I seriously could see how people could really get road rage. Trust me.)   Today was a short workout.  If I need to go to the gym to ride the bike, such as tomorrow morning, then I need to get up EVEN EARLIER!

Give me strength….

And today it was about 45 when I got up, not 25 or 26 degrees like the other day. There is such a difference!

Anyway, this will take a change in my habits, let’s see if it’s really possible to get to bed early and get up earlier.   How some of you are parents and function on little to no sleep, I have no idea. My hat is off to you.