I just wanted to wish good luck to a few folks that I know are running the NYC Marathon this weekend.  John from NYC is a reader of mine, and if you can believe it, he ran the Maine Marathon, as I did, just a short month ago! I can’t believe his body is back up to running that far again – if it were me, it’d end up being a death march!  (John, when you write up your race report for the Runner’s World Forum, send me the link and I’ll put it on here too!)  GOOD LUCK, RUN HARD!!  (By the way, they have our pics online!) 

Jamie and I were bib numbers 832 and 342.  Look at how many they got!

And KCH, from the Run-Faster blog, is running it too! I know you’re going to do just so awesome!!  Can’t wait to read your race report!! I have a feeling you’ll meet your top goal. 🙂

I hope for both of  you, the weather is as wonderful as it is here today. Last night when I finished running, it was dark and only 38 degrees, and let me tell you, that was COLD!

By the way, I went for a consult with a physical therapist yesterday – I have a case of plantar fasciitis but it is workable, and I can still run (although I think he’d like me to really tone it down.) He’s given me some exercises and I am going to start seeing him 2 times a week (next week only once because of my own schedule) and he said I will need orthotics at one point. He didn’t want me to change anything before my race on Nov. 9th (the half-marathon in Portsmouth, NH.)