A lot of  you have made good points in your comments. (Alien, you hit the nail on the head.) Keeping  motivated these past few weeks has been pretty difficult. My running partner from the summer, Lis, her injuries have continued – she just found out today that on top of the shin splints, she also got the IT Band Syndrome in both knees. We’re still not sure if she’s going to be able to do the race in a few weeks.  The days have markedly seemed to grow shorter, all of a sudden (at least it feels like it.)  And not having another race for a few more weeks, while running in colder (and feeling much colder) weather has been hard for me to get used to.

But last night, I decided to switch bikes again at the gym, and I felt like it was easier to do than the past few weeks.  Maybe I’m finally fully recovered? Maybe it’s the Phytomax pills finally kicking in?  I had fully intended to do a speed workout tonight at the gym, but I only ended up leaving work around 7:30 p.m. and I was completely starving! I’m teaching some kids tomorrow how to do Canadian legal research – go ahead, ask me anything, I might be able to work through it!  🙂 

The good thing about the last two days is that I have realized again how much I loved doing foreign legal research like I did at my last job.  I am truly hoping that as my workplace goes through its re-organization in the coming months, that I will be able to do that kind of work again, and not be limited to just a few countries as has been the case for the past two years or so. In a way, I feel like a sponge, but I also feel like I am learning more with this type of subject specialty work than what my current title lends itself toward.  

Earlier this week, I downloaded some new music off of i-Tunes, and got the book UltraMarathon Man, from my library.  After reading Jill‘s review of it, I immediately put in a request for it.  Thanks Jill!  Oh, and I put Spirit of the Marathon on my Netflix queue, can’t wait to see it – thanks Lisa for suggesting it!

By the way, here is a link to the music video to one of the songs I just got Chocolate, by Snow Patrol. I LOVE Snow Patrol – their music has always helped me run in the past, how in the world did I not  hear this song before?!  I just need to come up with a new mix now for the Seacoast Half-Marathon.  I think I could use suggestions from all of you as to good music!  PLEASE!!

Below is another song I downloaded, not one you’d run to, you’ll see. But I find the singer’s voice haunting, let me know what you think.

Into Dust, Mazzy Star


Oh, and when I got my home, even though Bill is out with friends, he put two magnets on the top of our stove grill – 13.1 and 26.2, from the Support Store.  I so wanted one of them before the marathon but he thought it’d jinx me!  YAY!!!!!

Ok, gotta get back to my handout for the kids tomorrow – hope everyone else is able to get out there and running!