I’m so happy for everyone who ran this weekend and who had positive experiences.   My sister told me that her oldest son, Sean, had his picture in the newspaper around Grand Rapids, from the kids’ marathon yesterday. She thought that originally he was one of a whole bunch of kids that had their picture taken, and then they found out that it is a solo shot of him with a caption saying “Giving it his all.”  I’m hoping she’ll now allow me to show you his picture, because I’m so proud of him and Jack, but I’ll respect her wishes if she doesn’t. 

His dad, Steven, also did well this weekend – he was hoping to do the half-marathon in 2:15 but he ended up doing it in 2:07. Awesome! And now they are thinking about doing the Martian Marathon because there’s also a kids’ marathon with that one too.  I guess every mile marker, there’s another alien!

My friend Will ran the Bay State Marathon today – I saw he did decide to do it after all, even with his knee troubles – I am so happy for him – 4:37 and some seconds was his time.  Congrats Will!

My Law Review student, Nico, ran the Desert Island Marathon and finished in 4:33:50 – again, AWESOME! He wanted to do a 10 minute-mile pace and I’d say he was successful, wouldn’t you?!

And did all of you fellow bloggers see Alissa’s awesome result in the Nike Women’s Marathon? 4:11:02 -that is SICK considering the hills I am sure she ran!

Kaolee, awesome job on the 5-miler! And Erin, I am glad you are feeling better today! Both of you will do great on your half-marathons that are coming up!

As for me, I was pretty low-key, running-wise this weekend. I ran 8.11 yesterday morning but honestly, I was feeling some pain in the back of my left knee yesterday, enough that I cut my run from 9 miles to 8, and I didn’t do anything today, exercise wise.  I plan on asking my doctor about it on Tuesday at my already-scheduled appointment.  I can’t believe I did all that training for the Maine Marathon this summer without injuries, and now it’s as if my body wants to fall apart on me!

By the way, for those of you who are headphone/iPod wearers out there, did you see this report that says that listening to music can help increase your endurance by up to 15%? and that it can make your exercise experience that much more pleasant?  Check out the report from Brunel University here!