I spoke to my nephews earlier today after they finished their kids’ marathon at Grand Rapids.  They had run 25.2 miles or so over the last 8 weeks (my sister started counting in mileage Sean ran at soccer games, etc.) She said the other night it was raining so they took turns on Mommy and Daddy’s treadmill.   My sister said that there were supposed to be 1000 kids running today, so many that they had put them into five heats by last name. Can you imagine that many kids all in one place, with bib numbers, hopped up on gatorade after the race?!

Then they ran the last mile today.  The last mile was to cover the actual last mile of the adult’s marathon which takes place tomorrow morning.  My sister will be sending me a picture of the two of them with their medals, and sun glasses on, so that they can be smiling for the picture, but still go incognito on my blog. 🙂

Anyway, Sean, who is 7 told me this:  “I was going to stay with Dad and then just make my move to sprint to the end once I saw the finish line, but instead, I just took off on my own at the half-way point.”  He thinks he came in 40th or something like that. Finished his race in about 13 minutes.

Jack, who is 4 told me this, as soon as he got on the phone:  “I got a medal!!” I love these kids, they crack me up.  My sister then got on the phone and said that Jack had made his “surge move” about .2 miles from the end.  He told his dad he was just going to “take off.”  Dad (Steven) said, “but what if I get lost and can’t find the finish line?!”  Jack’s response: “Dad, I’ll be in front of you – you’ll just have to watch and keep up with me!”

Ah yes, youth.  Gotta love it.

My sister said that there were press there, taking kids’ pictures, including Sean.  I am so glad that they had a good positive experience – they were already talking about doing it again next year.  🙂