There are so many people running this weekend, I don’t even know where to start!

Ok, how about with family?  After much going back and forth, between the full and half, my brother in law, Steven  has decided to do the Grand Rapids Half-Marathon on Sunday morning. My nephews, Sean and Jack, aged 7 and 4, are doing their last mile of their marathon, tomorrow afternoon along with about 1000 other kids!  They have been running (and, to be honest, walking) miles for the past 8 weeks with my sister and their dad. Tomorrow they get real bib numbers, and they will be running the last mile of the Grand Rapids Full Marathon, to the finish line. My sister said that they have gatorade, water and snacks for them at the end of their run. My sister suspects Sean will try to run the whole way on his own, and she’ll be snapping pictures of the whole thing.  Since I can’t put pictures of their faces on this blog for her privacy reasons, I’ve asked her to take a picture of them with their backs to the camera, and holding up their medals. I’m so proud of them!

And while we are on the subject of the Grand Rapids Half-Marathon, I can’t forget Amy over at ChubbyGirlRunning.  Good luck Amy – I can’t wait to hear about your experience, and to see who is faster, you or Steven! 🙂  For all you know, you too may be running next to each other that morning…

My friend, coworker,  running therapist/mentor (and faithful reader of this blog), Will, is planning on running the Bay State Marathon this weekend.  He’s worried about his knees not being ready to run with him.   Will, whatever you decide, I know you’re smart about your body and just keep in mind the long-term. You have been through 10 marathons, and you know what you can do.  But if you do decide to run, please know I’ll be sending you positive mental vibes all morning long and will be feverishly checking to see your results.

Kaolee, over at Girl on Top has a 5-mile race tomorrow with a goal of 44:30 – wow, wish I could even think of being that fast! Kaolee, yes, you CAN do it – just have faith in yourself and enjoy the race and the whole experience! I find when I put myself in the right mental frame of mind, I run so much better.  Can’t wait to hear how you do!

I can’t forget Alissa over at Balancing Act, she is Bib #1366 in the Nike Women’s Marathon tomorrow in San  Fran. I am so jealous that she’s getting to do a women’s MARATHON, and in a city like San Fran. I’ve heard that some of the scenery that she’ll see during the race, near the Golden Gate Bridge, is just breathtaking.  Alissa has been so supportive of me since we found each other’s blogs this past spring, when we both began training with TNT, me for the first time, her for the second, as a  mentor.

And of course, one of my Law Review students, Nico, is running the Mount Desert Island Marathon this weekend.  It is his first marathon and I found out this week that he just got married last weekend – holy crap, what a busy week! I am so hoping he has a great positive experience like I did, and that he gets (or remains) as hooked on all of this stuff as me! If you have not heard of this marathon before, or don’t know where it is, it’s in Maine, near Bar Harbor.  You HAVE to look at the pictures on the marathon’s website and see how beautiful that course must be. I am so jealous!  GO NICO!

Have I forgotten anyone? I hope not!  By the way, they have photos from our Tufts 10K race this past week – I actually look almost normal, since I’m not wearing the Camelbak in this one!  

Good luck to everyone running this weekend, especially those of you running races, and remember RUN HAPPY!  This video below is for you (and don’t try to pretend you’ve never thought of/listened to this song while running.  We all know most runners have this somewhere on their playlists. LOL)