Before I show you the pics I’ve been promising to take, which show all of our fall colors, I just wanted to say congratulations to Kristin, Running with the Runner Girl, for running the Royal Victoria Half Marathon, earlier today, in 2:06:05 – yay!!

My friend and former coworker, Liz, also ran the Chicago Marathon today, finishing in 4:54:01. Yay Liz!  And Jenn, we are all waiting to see how your race went too!

And to Penny, aka  SouthBay Girl, from Planet Nyyep Running, a very hearty, YOU GO GIRL! She ran the Long Beach Half Marathon in 2:58:15.

I hope to draw inspiration from each of you tomorrow as I’m still feeling my cold a bit, and my run yesterday was partly the worst/best I’ve had in a while. It was bad in that I felt like I had no energy but good in that it was the first one I’ve done since the marathon and I didn’t feel any pain. However, I did need to use my inhaler so I’m going to make sure I have it on me for tomorrow’s 10K. Tomorrow, I fear I just won’t have much “legs” in me, but then again, this race is great for adrenaline, and it’s like being part of a human wave for over 6 miles, which is great for giving me momentum.

Ok, so, now for all of you who live in areas of the country outside of New England, I hope you enjoy these pictures. I went for a short walk this morning rather than going to the gym, partly to do my “research”/pics for all of you, and also because I just wanted to take in all of this beauty, since I knew I had to be closed in this afternoon in the library for work.

The other pics are from our way to the Topsfield Fair, and some pics from the fair itself. As Bill said, it definitely feels like fall when you go to the Topsfield Fair!